Meet our memberships team!

Many of you will have been in touch with our amazing memberships team.

Whether it's answering questions, helping with requests or generally making sure you have a wonderful experience as a club member, the guys are on hand to help you with a smile!

Years at the front line of all things gin, and chatting with you about your favourites, means these guys know a thing or two about cocktails. Who better to ask which cocktail they'd take to a desert island?


Trine's choice

Our Danish team leader Trine loves this warming and 'hygge' alternative to a G&T!

Make a gin and ginger


Ryan's favourite

Former chef Ryan loves the famous 1:1:1 ratio of a classic Negroni.

Make a Negroni


Joe's go-to

Recovered geographer Joe goes transatlantic with an American classic.

Make a Tom Collins

Molly's signature drink

Named after a gun with a real kick to match, this drink is just as bubbly as our Molly!

Make a French 75


Peter's pick

Peter assures us he's been on a ferry at least once, explaining his love of this sailor's classic!

Make a Gimlet

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