The Best Way To Serve Guests Gin This Christmas Is On A Tree

The Christmas tree is not the only tree going up this month. With party season in full swing, gin lovers everywhere can show off their cocktail making skills on a gin tree.

These handmade cocktail trees from Trong Upclying are available in a range of sizes and styles. They are very on trend at the moment. Some of the finest bars have across the country are already using them. Earlier this year, The Living Room bar in Manchester was serving up rainbow gin trees in celebration of Manchester Pride. But now thanks to Trong Upcyling, you can own your own!


Add some colour to usually clear gin with our easy rainbow gin making guide or bring the sparkle to your festive shindig with edible glitter. If changing the colour of your gin is not up your street, then how about playing around with various coloured garnishes. These unusual garnish selection will leave your guests speechless!