Craft Gin Club's September soundtrack: turn your G&T night into a magical, box-themed evening!

With September 2019’s fabulous Gin of the Month being Wessex Alfred the Great Gin, for this month’s Craft Gin Club Playlist we have taken inspiration from the myths and magical legends from the time of this great ancient King!

Embodying the era’s mystical mix of spells and enchantments, potions and alchemy, and, of course, kings and castles, we hope these tunes get you in the, ahem, spirit of this magical gin!

Go to our Spotify playlist here to listen to this ‘legendary’ soundtrack as you unbox the fabulous contents of your Gin of the Month box and mix yourself a cocktail!

September 2019’s Craft Gin Club Playlist: Myths & Magic, Ancient Kings & Castles

  • Wessex Boy - Frank Turner.
    A song about Wessex? That’s actually really good? I mean, we’re pretty happy about this one tbh. What could be a more fitting tribute to our Gin of the Month?!

  • Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran.
    Alfred the Great had an impressive castle on a hill (in Winchester), don’t you know.

  • Could it be Magic - Take That
    In a time before modern science, this was the question on every Anglo-Saxon’s lips.

  • Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band
    Um, see above.

  • King of Wishful Thinking - Go West
    Alfred the Great was definitely the king of wishful thinking - he dedicated his life to uniting the five kingdoms of England! (But actually, you know, achieved it.)

  • Royals - Lorde
    There were lots of little royals running around King Alfred’s court - he was a womaniser who had several children out of wedlock! Naughty Alfred.

  • Black Magic - Little Mix
    A little mix(er) is all you need to add to our perfect G&T for September 2019! Boom boom.

  • Royalty - Conor Maynard
    Did you know that Alfred is the only English monarch to be called “the Great”? So far…

  • Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police
    Were they singing about our very own mystic mixologist and her gin horoscopes for September? Probably.

  • Legend In Your Own Time - Carly Simon
    Alfred really earned his legendary status, defeating the Viking invaders and uniting the five warring kingdoms to create England. Total. Legend.

  • Love Potion Number 9 - The Searchers
    Check out our very own love potions with these deliciously romantic gin cocktails!

  • I Put a Spell On You - Nina Simone
    These magic-related links are getting more tricky now. You get the gist.

  • Avalon - Roxy Music
    This legendary island comes from the tales of King Arthur and has long been associated with mystical practices in folk lore (and this ace ‘80s pop song)

  • Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra

    Ever wondered how gin is made? Discover the MAGICAL art of distillation… (sorry)

  • Botanical Gardens - Don McLean
    A tribute to the beautiful bottle of Binary Botanical in our Gin of the Month box!

  • Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    We’ve got a Blue Moon cocktail recipe here. Definitely not bad though. Really good, actually.

  • Alfred the Great - Cherry Ghost
    We were pretty stoked to find this excellent track to pay homage to our Gin of the Month (Wessex Alfred the Great Gin)! What are the chances, eh?

  • Knights of Cydonia - Muse
    Because knights, ancient kingdoms, etc etc. This was a tricky playlist theme, ok?!

  • Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary
    Have you seen the fearsome dragon on the Wessex Alfred the Great Gin bottle? So there you go. We’ve not just completely lost it.

Go to Spotify here to listen to the playlist!