Introducing September 2019's Gin of the Month box!

Like you, we’re sad to see the end of summer and also wave goodbye to August’s beautiful beachy Gin of the Month box - insert sad face emoji here. But don’t be too blue! With a new month, comes a brand new Gin of the Month box and this one is an absolute corker! It’s certainly making the transition into autumn that much easier!

This month’s box is fit for a king and the stunning spirit inside captures the best of the British craft gin boom, celebrating gin in a way only Brits know how! Classic, crisp and elegant, it pays homage to one of the most legendary kings in Britain and we are certain our members are going to love it as much as we do! Along with this amazing gin, there are a whole host of botanical treats perfect for the start of a fruitful autumn!


Wessex Alfred the Great Gin


A king among gins, Wessex Alfred the Great Gin pays homage to one of the most legendary kings of Britain! Crisp and elegant, the liquid is as beautiful as the bottle it comes in and if juniper-led gins are for you, September’s Gin of the Month will knock your socks (crown) off!

Peter Spanton Lemongrass Tonic and Cardamom Tonic


The spectacular tonics in this month’s Gin of the Month box will really give your gin and tonic another level of flavour! The Peter Spanton lemongrass tonic will really enhance citrus notes in your gin, while the cardamom tonic will add a green freshness to your G&T along with a warm, aromatic finish. But which one will you prefer?!

Binary Botanical


Appealing to both wine and beer lovers, the Binary Botanical beer in September’s Gin of the Month box is a wonderful drink on its own or in a cocktail! Lightly sparkling with a tangy clean taste, it also pairs really well with food - a new “all rounder” for our members to try!

Taylorson’s Blackcurrant Syrup


As autumn slowly creeps towards us we are craving tastes of the British hedgerow and what says autumn more than the taste of blackcurrant?! The gorgeous Taylerson’s Blackcurrant Syrup in this month’s box can be added to your G&T for a sweet, tart addition or to sparkling water for an autumnal mocktail!

Godiva Blood Orange Chocolate


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the delectable Blood Orange Chocolate from Godiva! Made with the finest Belgium chocolate and the evocative taste of rich blood orange, this sweet treat is royally good!

Kent Salt and Vinegar Crisps


Made with Biddenden Cider, the Kent Crisps in September’s Gin of the Month box are the perfect salty, tangy snack to accompany your G&T! Cheers!