This boozy chocolate and salted toffee martini is the dessert cocktail of our dreams

Here’s a wickedly indulgent gin cocktail for anyone with a sweet tooth! This creamy, boozy, chocolatey concoction is the perfect antidote to a long week at work, or to serve as a decadent dessert cocktail when your best gin pals come round for dinner.

You could use shop-bought toffee gin for this Chocolate & Salted Caramel Martini, but why not try making your own, using our gorgeous homemade toffee gin recipe below? It honestly could not be easier to whip up a batch (and is a lot kinder on the wallet); plus you’ll get major kudos from your friends and family!


Chocolate & Salted Toffee Martini

50ml of toffee gin*
30ml of chocolate cream liqueur
15ml Amaretto

Chocolate syrup
Grated salted chocolate

Add ice, toffee gin, chocolate liqueur and Amaretto to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.

Pour the chocolate syrup into a saucer and dip the top of a martini glass into the sauce. Grate some of the Willie's sea salt chocolate into another saucer and dip the coated glass, so the flakes stick to the sauce, creating a chocolate rim!

Pour the contents of the shaker into your chocolatey glass and sprinkle with more grated chocolate - enjoy!

To make your own homemade toffee gin:

  1. Add the contents of one 135g bag of Werthers Originals - the hard toffees, not the soft centred ones - to a food processor and blitz to a powder.

  2. Add 200ml gin and the crushed toffee powder to a large, clean glass jar, close and hold the lid tightly, then give it a good shake.

  3. Leave to infuse in a cool, dark place, returning every few hours throughout the day to give the mixture another shake, until the powder is dissolved.

  4. Once all of the sweets have dissolved, your toffee gin liqueur is ready! Drink a little straight over ice , with your favourite tonic, or in a cocktail like the one above. Store in a cool, dark place and drink within one month.