Challenging taste buds with a gin and port cocktail!

May’s Gin of the Month box has really got us thinking about flavour and the millions of different combinations and possibilities when it comes to experimenting! From the Artisan Drinks violet blossom tonics, to the Breckland Orchards, sloe and rose lemonade we are really challenging our members to taste out of their comfort zones! So when we tried Savoursmiths Italian cheese and port crisps we knew they were the perfect snack for May’s Gin of the Month box!

These ultra-premium snacks are doing for gourmet flavours what Romeo’s Gin has done for art: bringing exclusivity into the everyday.


Hand-picked on a Cambridgeshire farm, the Savoursmiths Crisps in our May Gin of the Month Box don’t start life typically – and nor do they end up that way.

Founded by Mike Smith, who grew up on the farm where Savoursmiths potatoes are now grown, and his wife Colette, Savoursmiths is all about bringing amazing flavours to the British crisp lover.

As Colette explains, “The really cool thing about Savoursmiths is that you don’t have to go and spend £1,000 on a black Italian summer truffle or a bottle of port – you can pick up one of our bags and be transported to a wonderful taste experience as you’re sat right in your office.”

The Italian cheese and port crisps are inspired by Italy, a country famous around the world for rich flavours and Renaissance art. An elegant combination , they’re the perfect accompaniment to a Romeo’s G&T.

“Mellow, rich and nutty, port marries impressively well with salty, dry, hard cheeses,” says Colette. “And a quality Italian cheese balances really well with gin. A little bit of nutty sharpness from the cheese combined with a hint of sweetness of the port makes for a mouth-watering combo with gin!”

To take the flavour pairing even farther, try your crisps alongside The Florentine, a ruby-red cocktail with the depth and elegance of a Renaissance painting.

The Florentine



50ml Romeo’s Gin
25ml port
10ml simple syrup
Two squeezes lemon juice
Soda, to top up
Cucumber and grape or parmesan twist, to garnish


Combine Romeo’s Gin, port, simple syrup and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker packed with ice. Shake and strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with soda. Garnish with cucumber, grape or a parmesan twist.