Don't like tonic but love gin? Fancy a change to your G&T? Try these all-natural mixers

We like to think we have a good idea of what our members like - one thing being new and interesting flavours. Each month we send out alternative mixers for them to experiment with and May 2019’s Gin of the Month box was no exception: our members were treated to the delicious Breckland Orchard Sloe & Rose Lemonade, which complemented the Gin of the Month, romeo’s gin, perfectly.

If you don’t like tonic but love gin, or just fancy trying something different from your usual G&T, we recommend this range of artisanal, all-natural soft drinks, and there’s a whole rainbow of mixers to bring your favourite gin to life. Try these surprising combinations to reveal unknown dimensions in your favourite gin – and then keep experimenting until you’ve mixed a masterpiece of your own!


Gin flavour: Spiced

Complement: Ginger Beer with Chilli


Contrast: Plum & Cherry


Gin flavour: Citrus

Complement: Cloudy Lemonade


Contrast: Cream Soda

Gin flavour: Floral

Complement: Sloe & Rose Lemonade

Contrast: Strawberry & Rhubarb


Gin flavour: Herbaceous

Complement: Dandelion & Burdock


Contrast: Pear & Elderflower


If you’re still stuck for inspiration and want more ideas for what to mix with your gin instead of tonic, have a look at our list of 20 alternatives to tonic.