Is violet the new taste of 2019?

If we know anything about our Craft Gin Club members, it is they are adventourous bunch! So when we decided to send them the beautiful Artisan Drinks, Violet Blossom Tonic in this month’s Gin of the Month box, we knew it would be a big hit!

By combining all-natural ingredients, one-of-a-kind labels and a lot of imagination, the Artisan Violet Blossom tonics in May’s Gin of the Month box are a real work of art.


A drinks entrepreneur and an artist walk into a bar and get talking to a top mixologist. It may sound like a joke, but it happened – and the result was a new line of tonics that seamlessly combines flavour and style into a gin lover’s dream mixer.

As Steve Cooper, co-founder of Artisan Tonics, explains: “We felt there was a real lack of innovation in the mixer market, with so many brands simply choosing to follow the brand leader.”

Berlinda Moman, marketing director of Artisan, adds: “We love the phrase ‘the art of mixing’, and we wanted to bring it to life both on the inside and outside of the bottle. That’s why we’ve combined the skills of a top mixologist and gin expert with a great artist, to create our craft mixers.”


While the Artisan team members come from very different backgrounds, they’re united by a passion for doing things their own way, focusing on the tiniest details to make a superb product. Steve perfected the brand, artist Al Walsh illustrated the labels and mixologist Mikey Enright blended natural ingredients to create mixers that enhance the finest spirits.

The result? The exquisite elegance of the Artisan violet blossom tonic in our May Gin of the Month box.

Inspired by the Aviation, the classic gin cocktail, this delicate floral tonic is combines violet blossom, apple blossom and elderflower, with just a hint of rosemary and basil.

Steve says: “So many violet products are overly sweet, almost like confectionery. But Mikey’s recipe tastes so natural and fresh. Whilst the violet blossom was developed as a mixer for craft gins, it’s a happy coincidence that it also tastes great on the rocks with a slice of pink grapefruit as an alternative to alcohol.”


As a mixer, a zero-proof drink or part of a cocktail, the tonic in your May Gin of the Month box is the perfect canvas for your favourite craft gin.

“I always feel happy when I look at Al’s art or when I drink one of Mikey’s amazing cocktails, I wanted to share that feeling via our Artisan range,” says Steve. “It’s easy to copy others, but we’d rather do things differently and create new experiences. After all, why blend in when you can stand out?”

If you’re crazy about violet and want to have a go at making your own violet gin, check out our recipe here!