6 gin cocktails to make when you're skint

If your feeling the pinch this January and payday seems like light years away - don't panic! We have created a list of simple and cheap, yet delicious gin cocktails to banish those January blues and save the pennies!

Tom Collins

Tom collins cocktail with cherry and Lemon garnish

Image via Culinary Ginger 

Refreshing, simple and iconic - the Tom Collins can be created using your fave gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and sparkling water.

Recipe and method here. 


Gin and Lime gimlet in a coupe style glass cucumber garnish

Gin + lime cordial = Gimlet. Job. Done.

Recipe and method here.


Gin martini in a martini glass

This classy cocktail will make you feel a million dollars...but not cost it.

Recipe and method here.

Gin Rickey

gin rickey in a tumbler with ice and a lime slice

The Gin Rickey - quite frankly - is a poor man’s G&T. For us, taking away tonic water and replacing it with sparkling water is a desecration of the drink we all know and love. We will admit, however, that because of its sheer simplicity, you can truly taste your gin.

Maybe if we're desperate and lacking tonic we'll opt for this drink, but the chances are pretty slim.


gin and tonic with a wedge of lime

We can't create this list with including the humble Gin and Tonic, which a lot of people forget is actually a cocktail. We have a number of variations of this classic that can easily be made at home with store cupboard ingredients.

Methods recipes here.

Salty Dog


The salty dog is another version of a Greyhound - ice, grapefruit juice and gin, the difference being the salt, which you can either rim your glass with or sprinkle in - either way this sweet and salty cocktail is simple (and cheap) yet distinctive.

Method and recipe here.