Top 10 G&Ts to mix up this World Gin and Tonic Day!

Happy World Gin and Tonic Day gin fans! A while back we asked our members how they mix their favourite gin and tonic and we were astounded by the response! 

Here are your top ten G&T recipes that, we're sure you'll be mixing up on this special day! 

Gin and tonic with orange and rosemary

I love gin and Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic, sprigs of fresh rosemary and a slice of orange - heaven on earth!
— Angela M. From Portsmouth

Gin and tonic with strawberry and cracked black pepper

Lots of ice, shot of nice gin and Fevertree Tonic, fresh strawberries and cracked black pepper is very nice
— Linda H. From Stourbridge

Gin and Tonic and Pink Grapefruit

Chunks of pink grapefruit and loads of crushed ice.
— Louise C. From Manchester

Sloe Gin with Lemon

Image: Jamie Oliver

Sloe gin with bitter lemon and a slice of orange. Put loads of ice in a glass, then pour sloe gin all over.
— Debbi R. From Stoke on Trent

Gin and Tonic with Strawberry and Basil

Gin and tonic with strawberry and basil
Gin and Fevertree Elderflower Tonic, strawberries and fresh basil
— Sadie R. From Bristol

Gin and Tonic with Grapefruit and Honeycomb

Honeycomb and pink grapefruit
Gin, a slice of grapefruit and a chunk of honeycomb, topped up with ginger ale - heaven in a glass!
— Maureen L. From Antrim

Gin and Tonic with Peach

Gin and tonic with peach and rosemary
Gin and Franklins Light Tonic with a slice of fresh peach or frozen pink grapefruit - frozen fruit work better than ice in my opinion.
— Beth F. From Warwickshire

Gin and Tonic with Elderflower Cordial

Gin and tonic with Elderflower and lemon
Very large shot (at least a triple) gin, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, a good slug of homemade elderflower cordial, topped with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic with loads of ice - delicious and refreshing.
— Dale L. From Dunsfold

Gin and tonic with fruit and ice

In an oversized glass with loads of fruit and ice - cheers everyone!
— Andrew B. From Cumbria

Gin and tonic with Lime

Gin and tonic lime
I’m very basic...rim glass with lime, ice, good gin, more fresh lime and just enough tonic to make the best G&T
— Wendy T. From Canada