Host your own gin tasting event at home!

Be the hostess with the most-ess (gin) by throwing your own gin tasting event. If you're already a CGC member you'll know there are hundreds of different gins out there and you should have quite a healthy collection (if you haven't drank it all already!)

A structured gin tasting is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and your guest's knowledge and understanding of the various gin flavour profiles that are out there.

1. Equipment

 A range of different craft gin (obvs)
Copa glasses.
Ice - Tip: Big cubes=smaller surface area=slower melt. Slower melting means less dilution of your drink.
Sharp knife - for garnishes.
Spittoon - At least give people the option! 
A big jug of mineral water - to swill out mouths and glasses in between tastings.
Plain water biscuits - to nibble in between tastings, to cleanse the palate.
Tasting score sheet - you can make your own easily in MS Word to include things like the gin nose, gin palate and finish and score out of 20 to get a good total number!
Cocktail shaker - if you are planning to add a cocktail element to the tasting.

gin copa glasses.jpg

2. The Gin

Select three to five gins to taste alongside each other, invite some friends round and work your way through the lot, comparing notes on the different aromas and tastes you can identify and score the different spirits if you have taken the time to create a score sheet.

gin collection.jpg

3. Tasting

Try a bit of the spirit neat, then see how it changes when you add water or tonic water. Also, for those who aren't a fan of tonic there are loads of alternatives out there to try so why not introduce a couple of different mixers to the tasting - Sekforde do quinine free tonics and Fevertree have a whole range of different mixers.

Gin tasting.jpg

Image: Delicious Weymouth 

4. Garnishes

Have a selection of garnishes to pair with the right gin - you can always refer to the bottles to see which garnish will compliment the gin - raspberries for a juniper-led gin, orange and pink peppercorns for spiced gins and sage leaves for gins with citrus notes.

gin garnish.jpg

Image: The Gin Queen

5. Cocktails

A gin tasting is all about the different individual flavours of the gins, but you could always mix it up a little (literally) by adding in a cocktail element to the tasting - it would probably work better at the end of the event. Here are 10 classic cocktails to choose from, to wow your guests!