The Week in Gin: crazy gin freakshakes, pretty cocktails & a GINtastic delivery

It's the weekend - yippee! There's a special bottle of gin to enjoy and GINtastic news to read, so pour up and enjoy!

March CRaft Gin Club spoiler alert

See what treasures lie inside this month's ginny delivery!

This crazy Chocolate Gin Freakshake will blow your mind

Kalevala gin chocolate crazy freakshake with cream and lindt roasted hazelnut chocolate
Kalevala gin with berries and garnishes and ice

See which photos scored some fabulous prizes this month.

Cocktail: Fleur Collins

Purple fleur collins cocktail with edible flowers

This gorgeous tipple is just the thing to ring in March.

Meet February's Gin O'Clock Crossword champion!

Crossword winner gin and tonic copa glass trophy

See which clever Gin Clubber successfully solved this month's puzzler.

3 tasty ways to gin-soak your day

gin pancakes with strawberries and dusted icing sugar
Kalevala gin viking finland roots

Five key facts about the epic Finnish poem that gave February's Gin of the Month its name.