This crazy Chocolate Gin Freakshake will blow your mind

Sometimes, you want to take your gin game to the next level... and this freakshake will definitely take you there. Dark, luscious Lindt chocolate and the oh-so-incredible Kalevala Gin create the most epic dessert we've ever made - try it for yourself and you'll see!

Chocolate Gin Freakshake

Chocolate Gin Freakshake with lindt roasted hazelnut and cream

For the drink:
300g vanilla ice cream
250ml milk
50ml Kalevala Gin
1 bar Lindt Excellence Roasted Hazelnut Dark

For decorating:
1 brownie cube
2 marshmallows
crushed hazelnuts
whipped cream
chocolate syrup


1. In a blender, blitz half the chocolate bar, gin and ice cream until well combined.

2. Cover the inside walls of a large glass or jar with chocolate syrup.

3. Pour the mixture into the jar and top with a large dollop of whipped cream.

4. Top with marshmallow, hazelnuts, extra chocolate syrup, the remaining chocolate and whatever else you can stack!

5. Serve immediately.