The Week In Gin: boozy truffles, gin-serving pizza joints & Golden Ticket winners

We've had quite the week over here in gin land! Pour yourself a G&T and unwind as you scroll through all of this week's boozy news.

Ginned magazine Kalevala gin and valentines hamper

Meet the lucky couple who's won this month's romantic prize.

Carol's Gin Kitchen: Kalevala and Rose Truffles

Kalevala and rose truffles from gin kitchen

Our resident gin chef, Carol Donner, whips up some romantic rose truffles using Kalevala Gin that are sure to steal the heart of any Valentine.

The perfect Kalevala G&T

Kalevala gin and tonic

How to bring out the best in February's Gin of the Month.

6 places serving pizza with a side of G&Ts

Pizza with a side of G&T's

Grab a hot slice and a cold gin and tonic at these joints.

Cocktail of the Week: GINger Tea

Kalevala ginger gin tea

Warm yourself up with this incredible Kalevala Gin creation.

Spirit of the Sampo

Kalevala gin in floral botanicals

The magical story of this month's Finnish gin.

February's fabulous Gin of the Month is here!

February ginned magazine craft gin club kalevala gin box

Check out what's inside February's Gin of the Month Box!