The Week in Gin: November's gin, prize winners & cocktails with a bang!

Halloween, new gin, Bonfire Night... this week's been GINcredible! Sit back and relax with a glass of your favourite drink and catch up on all the exciting things you may have missed this week in the world of gin.

Never mind the fireworks - these tremendous tipples will be making you go 'ooo' and 'aah'....

Say G'Day to November's Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

This month's remarkable gin has come a long way to find itself in Gin Clubber's boxes this month!

What's inside November's Gin of the Month Box?

Members will unwrapped their Gin of the Month Boxes this week and discovered some amazing treats!

Cocktail of the Week:
Four Pillars Breakfast Martini

A delicious treat that makes excellent use of Four Pillars Breakfast Negroni marmalade.

Who's October's crossword winner?

One brainy Gin Clubber successfully completed this month's puzzle - and won themselves a month of free gin!

The remarkable rhyme that won October's poetry prize

Poets penned their odes to Poetic License gin, but only one exceptional piece did our wonderous prize win!

October's Poetic License #Ginstagram winner

Just like that October comes to a close, and so it's finally time to announce this month's exceptional #Ginstagram photo champ!

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