Cocktail: Four Pillars Breakfast Martini

While not technically a Martini, this double-citrus sour is a wonderful showcase for the Four Pillars Gin marmalade we sent our members in their November 2016 Gin of Month boxes.  But the recipe is still delicious whichever marmalade you make it with -  and whatever time of day you drink it!

Four Pillars Gin Breakfast Martini cocktail Rick Liston

Image: Rick Liston

Four Pillars Breakfast Martini

60ml Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
20ml Lemon juice
1tbsp Four Pillars Orange or Breakfast Negroni Marmalade
Orange peel, to garnish

Chill your Martini glass well. Mix gin and marmalade in a shaker until the latter has dissolved. Top with lemon juice and lots of ice, shake well and strain into your cold Martini glass. Top with an orange twist.