Which remarkable rhyme won October's poetry prize?

Last month, we challenged our members to tap into their creativity and produce a melodious ode to October's special Gin of the Month, Poetic License. Our members sent in loads of lovely limericks - inspired by the wild spirits behind this tasty tipple and enticed by the marvellous prize they could possibly win!

Our most lyrical bard has won a gin-tasting trip to the home of Poetic License. Along with a companion, they get to stay in the Roker Hotel - perched right along the Sunderland seafront and next to the historic, recently-restored Roker pier. The prize package includes dinner, bed and breakfast, with overnight accommodation in their very own suite plus - most importantly - a gin tasting and distillery tour with Head Distiller, Luke!

So which creative Gin Clubber's piece of poetry won them this extraordinary prize?

Jaquie Chan

of Abergele!

Jacquie's amazing 'Sonnet 40.1%' completely blew us away! Her playful take on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'Sonnet 43' showcased skill, wit and a way with words that we couldn't help but be envious of. Congratulations, Jacquie, and enjoy your very well-deserved prize!

Check out Jacquie's poem below:

SONNET 40.1%

How might I serve thee? Let me count the ways;

Gently mixed with tonic over ice,
And garnished by a fruity orange slice;
a classic cocktail, worthy of high praise.

Or mixed with marmalade in a martini,
Or an albumenic triple sec White Lady,
Or as a Corpse Reviver, smooth and shady;
a mixture worthy of absinthe's green genie.

The seasonal and festive sweet botanical
Make this the perfect autumn's hearthside cheer -
Averse to phantoms mean and puritanical,
from the heart of Grace, to bring warm comfort near -
To celebrate black Hallowe'en tyrannical,
Driving out dark ghosts with a distilled spirit clear.

Jacquie Chan

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