The Week in Gin: a Golden Ticket winner, nonstop Negronis and crisps for your G&T

We've had loads of ginny fun this week with our new Gin of the Month, Four Pillars! It's been all Negronis all week long, sprinkled with some crazy crisps news in between. There's stories and recipes you won't want to miss, so grab yourself a drink and see what's been going on this week below!

These delicious crisps bring snacking to a whole new level of sophistication – and happen to pair perfectly with a G&T.

Cocktail of the Week:
Sloe Gin & Tempranillo Negroni

Sloe-berry-infused gin and Tempranillo reduction come together to make a wintry spin on the Negroni cocktail in this variation from booze enthusiast Dan Jones.

Negroni-flavoured crisps? Yep, they exist!

Can't get enough of Negronis? Lidl has an odd new crisp flavour you might want to check out!

3 amazing Negroni recipes you need in your life

Expand your Negroni repertoire with these boozy beauts.

The Noble Negroni

Four Pillars Negroni 640x400.png

Boozy, bitter and sweet, the Negroni can perhaps be said to encapsulate the aim of all good cocktails – to provide a perfectly balanced drink that stimulates the senses.

November's Golden Ticket is found!
Who's the lucky winner?

One lucky Gin Clubber has found November's Golden Ticket in their ginny parcel - and won a fabulous prize!

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