A Sibling Gin Christmas Poem

Our brilliant Craft Gin Club members have done it again! Last month we bought you a fab poem from club member, Rhiannon, who penned an ode to November's Gin of the Month.

Well, it seems that Rhiannon has inspired others into creative action....We were thrilled to receive the festive little ditty below from club member Neil H., in honour of December's Gin of the Month, Sibling Gin.  

Neil has also provided this photographic evidence of the naughty elves at work - we hope they sober up in time to help Father Christmas!


A Sibling Gin Christmas

'Twas a night during Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.
The elves were busy checking the bin,
But instead they discovered a new box of gin.

It was from the Craft Gin Club,
Which had never been seen,
The many great treasures
Which included Bottle Green.

They did a tonic water, 
light and refreshing,
Working wonders on taste
With the gin, quite de-stressing (yeah, I know)

Now Sibling is new
and never been tasted
It has to be tried
But the elves have got wasted.

The season has started
with nothing to fear
Thanks Craft Gin Club,
My delivery's here!

If this has got your creative juices flowing, make sure you share your creations with us and your fellow Craft Gin Clubbers via any of our social media channels!