Sibling Gin is our December Gin of the Month!

sibling botanical

It's our favourite day of the month! The day when our members receive their surprise Gin of the Month parcels in the post.

We're VERY excited to officially announce that our December tipple is Sibling Gin, made in Cheltenham by four - you guessed it - siblings.

With all of them under 25 years of age, Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby Elliot-Berry  are not only award-winning distillers, but also the youngest distillers in the world. They grew up in a family atmosphere soaked not in gin but beer, brewed by Mr. and Mrs. Elliot-Berry at the Battledown Brewery, a microbrewery that specialises in a line of premium ales that it provides for “local public houses, hotels, restaurants and shops.”

Felix, the oldest of the four at just 23, has worked in the brewery since its inception 11 years ago. “I started my first job washing the beer barrels on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the age of 12,” recounts the eldest brother. He got to know the inner workings of the brewing industry along with the restaurant and bar scene, as have his two sisters, Clarice and Cicely, 22 and 20 respectively. At 16, their younger brother Digby helps out with events and production, but is not yet full time as he’s still in school.

sibling gin

Having made the decision that they wanted to work together to create something different within the drinks world, opening a distillery just made sense for the siblings. Three days after her 18th birthday, Cicely earned her personal licence and they were off, launching the Sibling Distillery in June 2013. From product conception to distillation, sales and marketing to finance, the siblings have since developed a business that even the most weathered of business partners twice their age would struggle to achieve. 

Over the course of the next month, we're looking forward to telling you more about the Elliot-Berrys fascinating story and their gorgeous gin in more detail. Cheers!