An Ode to Slingsby - from a first-time Craft Gin Clubber

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We love our Craft Gin Club members and we are constantly reminded of just how great they are through them sharing brilliant stuff with us via social media - from photos, to facts, to funny gin things they've found.

We were thrilled to receive a message the other day from brand new club member, Rhiannon, who was so inspired by her first Gin of the Month box, that she wrote this amazing poem! We think it captures the spirit of Slingsby perfectly.

And if you've got a secret talent and are feeling inspired by Rhiannon's creation,  why not share it with your fellow clubbers? We'd love to hear from you!

An Ode to Slingsby - Our First #ginofthemonth

slingsby gin

The most beautiful bottle I ever have seen,
An intense blue vessel fit for a queen,
Aesthetically it's at the top of my list,
A sight to behold- not to be missed,
The biggest test; of course, will be in the tasting,
So let's crack it open, no time to be wasting!
Remove the copper top and release the gin
And see if the taste is a similar win...

Watch this space, this afternoon-
I'll report back with a verdict soon...

So the bottle itself should be hung in the Tate,
But what did it taste like? I couldn't wait!
I opened the copper top, pulled out the cork-
So excited, I just couldn't talk!
The first thing that hit me was the wonderful smell-
This is going to be a good one, I can just tell!

slingsby gin

I added a tiny splash of tonic
And the taste when it came was supersonic!
It's fair to say that this Slingsby Spirit
Is top of the list and a brand new favourite.
I'll pop it on the shelf with my Gin collection
And mark it on the taste card as "Pure Perfection"