20 of the best cocktail pitchers, punch jugs & gin decanters

With the joyous arrival of summer sunshine and long, warm evenings, does anything beat having friends over for a few gin cocktails?

If you’re planning on whipping up a couple of delicious punch recipes or batch cocktails with which to delight your gin pals this summer, then check out our list of the top 20 cocktail jugs available right now! You’ll have your friends ooh-ing and aah-ing even before they taste what’s inside!



Gluggle Jug in Cobalt Blue
£32, Craft Gin Club

Handmade at Wade Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent, this traditional fish-shaped jug inspired June 2019’s Gin of the Month from Nelson’s. Fully glazed inside and out in a beautiful, classic cobalt blue, it's perfect for serving batch cocktails in style - don't forget to listen out for the trademark 'gluggle' when you pour!

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Geo Carafe With Acacia Wood Stopper
£26.95, All Things Brighton Beautiful

We like the geometric angles of this tall hand-blown glass carafe, which give it a slightly art-deco feel. It also handily comes with an attractive acacia wood stopper, to prevent any unwanted spillages (or little bugs dropping in!), or that you can pop into the top of the bottle if the cocktails go unfinished (we know, we know… as if!).


Large Lemon Jug
£14.99, Trouva

Add a splash of Mediterranean sunshine to your table with this bright ceramic jug that will look just gorgeous when served brimming with ice-cold gin, tonic and sliced lemons or limes. It’s also great value.


Fizz Jug
£25.99, Wayfair

The base of this jug is a rich, jewel blue glass, blown full of bubbles; you could use it to off-set a contrasting gin punch of soft blushing pink or apricot colours, or even a dramatic gin-and-orange punch, for a striking but elegant effect.


Punchbowl Set
£90, LSA International

The daddy of all punch bowls! It’s a classic: elegant and sure, a little pricy, but it is a high-quality and timeless piece that will last forever, plus the price tag includes the four beautiful matching glasses and punch ladle, too. We vote for this one as a great anniversary or wedding present for gin lovers.


Rivka Carafe
£28, Anthropologie

How pretty is this delicate glass carafe? Featuring an intricate motif in sapphire and shimmering gold that reminds us of exotic Moroccan palaces, this one would be perfect for serving a pale lemon or lavender-based batch cocktail - how about a Lavender Bee’s Knees?


Viina Lustre Glass Cocktail Jug
£22, Oliver Bonas

The gorgeous purply effect of this scalloped glass jug would make this an ideal vessel for a party-sized helping of parma violet gin, to pair with a tonic of your choice and some pretty edible purple flowers to garnish. Find out how to make your own parma violet gin here!


Piccadilly Gin Decanter
£42, Wine Centre

We can picture these on the side tables of the bright young things in the Great Gatsby’s social circle. Best for simply holding your best gin spirit in style, ready to pour over lots of ice, fresh lime juice and a splash of soda for a Gin Rickey, or straight into an ice-cold martini glass with a healthy glug of vermouth and a twist of lemon.


Wade Ceramics Extra Large Cockerel Gluggle Jug in Cobalt Blue
£34.50, Hurn & Hurn

This quirky, chicken-shaped take on the traditional gluggle jug won’t disappoint fans of the original - it still emits a deep 'glugging' noise when pouring your drink! It doesn’t really matter what you serve in this, as your guests will be too busy “clucking” over the jug it’s arrived in (sorry)!


Zadie Pitcher
£58, Anthropologie

This copper-colour brass pitcher would provide a fabulously stylish way to present your batch cocktails, with the added bonus of keeping them extra cold! How about serving up a champagne and gin based drink, to emerge as a stream of sparkling amber from the gleaming vessel? Impressive, no?


Copper Honeycomb Base Carafe
£26, Oliver Bonas

We love the warm, honeycomb effect on the bottom of this carafe. And what could be more appropriate for this elegant vessel than a honey-based gin cocktail?


Cut Glass Cocktail Jug
£6, Sainsbury’s Home
Best value

We were pleasantly surprised to find this attractive cut-glass vintage-style jug at Sainsbury’s for an incredible £6! This retro jug would be perfect for any traditional party punch, packed with plenty of fruit and ice.


Porcelain Pineapple Jug
£31.95, All Things Brighton Beautiful

Another retro design channelling the super on-trend pineapple! And yes, of course we have a deliciously thirst-quenching tropical pineapple-and-gin punch to go in it. You’re welcome!

Crystalline Decanter with Gold Lines
£19.99, Zara Home


Cambridge Eco-Friendly Bamboo Jug
From £7.49, amazon

This jolly floral number has made our list for two reasons: firstly, it’s made from bamboo, which means it’s an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, as well as being durable and light, which makes it ideal for outdoor dining, picnics and garden parties. Plus it’s super cute. And affordable. Okay, that’s lots of reasons. Pack it with tonnes of ice and plenty of fruity punch and get the BBQ going!


Glass jug with pewter bee handle
£33.50, At Home In the Country

We love the little bee flourish on the handle of this otherwise classic country-style cocktail pitcher. Why not go the whole hog and throw a buzzing party with some of these fab bee-themed cocktail accessories?


LSA International ONO Jugs
£34-£40, John Lewis

Okay, okay, we’ve cheated: this is really more than one jug. But these ONO jugs from renowned glassware producer LSA International are so fabulous that we think you’ll forgive us. They’re really works of art as well as spectacular drink pitchers, and will look just as good sitting on your shelf when they’re not in use as when they are filled with sparkling gin and tonics or party punch!


Vintage-style glass cocktail/drinks dispenser
From £19.99, amazon

If you’re having lots of people over and don’t want to spend the whole time getting people drinks instead of enjoying yourself, why not get yourself a drinks dispenser? This retro-style version is particularly good value, as it comes with its own stand - definitely a preferable option to balancing a full pitcher on the edge of a wobbly plastic table! All you have to do is whip up a big old batch of punch before your guests arrive, add plenty of ice and then sit back and relax while everyone helps themselves!


LSA gin cocktail jug & stirrer
£38, Layered Lounge

This sophisticated gin jug comes with an equally chic glass stirrer and is sure to impress your guests. We think this one would be best suited to a very simple, clear gin-based drink with just a little touch of fruit.


Union Jack Limited Edition Gluggle Jug
£75, Craft Gin Club

Handmade at Wade Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent, this classic fish-shaped jug inspired Craft Gin Club’s June Gin of the Month for 2019 from Nelson’s Gin. Fully glazed inside and out, it's perfect for serving batch cocktails in style - complete with a trademark 'gluggle'!

Craft Gin Club members can now get their hands on this hand-painted Union Jack limited edition version, which is sure to become a collector's item, in the Members’ Store.

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