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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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This stunning White Chocolate Negroni is the cocktail of our ginny dreams!

This stunning White Chocolate Negroni is the cocktail of our ginny dreams!

Sep 8, 2023

White Chocolate Negroni is a must-try - it mixes gin and chocolate liqueur! 

This fantastic White Chocolate Negroni recipe is a fun and utterly delicious twist on the classic Negroni that we just can’t stop making here at Craft Gin Club HQ. Not least because, with those sweeter chocolaty tones, it can work as a beautiful dessert cocktail.

And, as it’s made with just four ingredients and requires no special cocktail gadgets, it’s so easy to make at home.

Give it a go!

So what are the main ingredients in this White Chocolate Negroni recipe?

Let’s start with the gin. For us, it has to be Roundwood Fireside Gin from Roundwood Gin in Cambridgeshire. 

Craft Gin Club’s September 2023 Gin of the Month, this delicious craft London dry gin is brimming with autumnal fruit, spice and citrus notes, including a touch of sloe berry, nutmeg and cinnamon, which really complement the chocolaty profile of this cocktail and add layers of mouthwatering complexity.

For the chocolate element of this chocolate Negroni recipe, it has to be crème de cacao. 

This sweet, smooth, luxurious liqueur is the perfect way to add wonderfully authentic chocolate flavours to your favourite cocktails and it works especially well in this recipe with the berry and spice notes of Roundwood Fireside Gin.

And then we have the vermouth. The traditional Negroni recipe is made with sweet vermouth, which is a deep red colour. For this recipe, we are using white vermouth, which is also known as dry vermouth. 

The herbaceous, floral and dry tones of this vermouth offer a delectable contrast the to sweet chocolate liqueur, here. And that contrast makes for a really grown-up, rich and complex sipping experience that is simply heavenly. 

We then like to finish this White Chocolate Negroni recipe with a few dashes of Angostura cocoa bitters. Not only does this amazing cocktail seasoning add depth to the drink with its moreish spice flavour but it also adds to the chocolatey fragrance of every sip. We can not get enough!

To make the cocktail, all you have to do is stir all of the ingredients mentioned above with ice and serve in a rocks glass or tumble with a shard of chocolate to garnish - best to make a few as everyone will want to try this cocktail. 

Find the full recipe White Chocolate Negroni recipe below…

White Chocolate Negroni

White Chocolate Negroni

30ml Roundwood Fireside Gin
25ml white vermouth
3 dashes of Angostura cocoa bitters
  15ml white crème de cacao
Chocolate, to garnish

Add all your ingredients to a shaker or stirring glass with lots of ice. Stir until the outside becomes frosty. Gentle pour into a rocks glass and add ice. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

Want to know more about the star of the show (Crème De Cacao liqueur) in this gin cocktail? Read on…

Everything you need to know about crème de cacao

Dark chocolate with shavings

This delicious liqueur is irresistible for chocoholics and cocktail connoisseurs alike…

What is crème de cacao liqueur?

Crème de cacao is a chocolate liqueur, made of cacao beans, a neutral spirit, sugar and vanilla.

What's the difference between white and dark crème de cacao?

There are two types of crème de cacao. Crème de cacao blanc appears clear, while other crème de cacaos have a dark caramel colour.

The difference in flavour between the two types is small, so the most important thing to consider when choosing which to use is how the colour will affect the overall appearance of the cocktail.

Does crème de cacao liqueur have cream in it?

Despite what its name suggests, it doesn’t contain any cream.

What does crème de cacao liqueur taste like?

The best ones have a sophisticated flavour profile – like high-quality dark chocolate! Rather than being overly sweet or synthetic, quality crème de cacaos will be sweet yet balanced with chocolatey bitterness.

When was crème de cacao liqueur invented?

Crème de cacao has existed since at least the 1600s (when cacao beans first arrived in Europe from Mexico and South America).

How is crème de cacao liqueur made?

Dark crème de cacaos are often made via percolation. Similar to making coffee – but with alcohol instead of water. Meanwhile, white crème de cacaos are commonly made via distillation.

Crème de cacao does not need to be aged, so once the distiller is happy with the liquid and has diluted it with water (often to an ABV between 20-25%), they can bottle it and sell it right away.

How should you drink crème de cacao liqueur?

Creme de Cacao Liqueur

Historically it was drunk on its own, but when cocktail culture exploded in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it became a key cocktail ingredient.

It’s used in several classic drinks – most famously the Gin Alexander. Today, it’s associated with dessert cocktails and digestifs.

What brand of crème de cacao liqueur should I try?

We really like Gabriel Boudier White Crème De Cacao liqueur. Why? Gabriel Boudier is a family-run business that first opened in Dijon, France in 1874.

Their white crème de cacao is made using all-natural ingredients, including Ivorian cacao beans, which are roasted to concentrate their flavours. it’s light in texture, with subtle notes of chocolate, vanilla and toasted hazelnut. Delicious!

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