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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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These colour changing cocktails are magic! (And what you need to know about colour-changing gin)

These colour changing cocktails are magic! (And what you need to know about colour-changing gin)

Jan 13, 2022

Here at Craft Gin Club, we’re here to tell you all you need to know about cocktail ingredients and different styles of gin - and delicious cocktail recipes to pair with them! Each month we shine a spotlight on one of these key cocktail ingredients or styles of gin - we’ve previously looked at barrel-aged gins, vermouth and pink gins.

This month we’re looking at colour-changing gins, and how an ancient Vietnamese botanical gives them positively enchanting properties. Firstly, here’s some stunning cocktail recipes using them…

Butterfly Effect   

Pineapple and colour changing gin cocktail

75ml pineapple juice
20ml lime juice
15ml vanilla syrup
50ml colour-changing gin
Pineapple slice or leaves and a maraschino cherry, to garnish

Add your pineapple juice, lime juice and vanilla syrup to a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a hurricane, sling or highball glass filled with crushed ice. Slowly pour the gin on top to create layers. Garnish and enjoy. 

Butterfly Blossom 

Master Mixologist Maria says, “This long drink is easy to make and deeply refreshing – and it will go from blue to light purple when you add the lemon juice. Plus, it’s a great recipe for using up any sherry left over from Christmas.” 

Pink gin cocktail

45ml colour-changing gin
15ml fino sherry
10ml simple syrup
20ml lemon juice
150ml tonic water (preferably citrus flavoured)
Lemon wedge, to garnish

Add all the ingredients to a highball glass with ice and stir. Garnish and enjoy. 

So here’s exactly what you need to know about colour-changing gin…

What is colour-changing gin?

A colour-changing gin does just what it says on the tin (or bottle rather). Add a mixer and these gins turn from a deep midnight-blue hue to a light violet or blush-coloured pink. While ‘colour-changing gin’ is not an official or legal classification like London Dry, it is an up-and-coming category. Thanks to their arresting visual properties, colour-changing gins are increasingly trendy amongst mixologists with a taste for theatrics. The secret to this ultra-modern style of gin? An ancient botanical: the butterfly pea flower. 

butterfly pea flower petals

What is Butterfly Pea Flower?  

Butterfly pea flower is a blossom commonly cultivated in Southeast Asia. For centuries it’s been used to make a traditional tea in Vietnam and Thailand, and in recent years it’s been eliciting oohs and aahs from drink connoisseurs. 

When it comes to its flavour profile, don’t be deceived by its pastel hues – if you’re imagining a sweet flavour, you’re on the wrong track. It tastes earthy - and similar to fine green tea. Its flavour profile works exceptionally well with the piney, herbaceous notes of juniper. 

How does Butterfly Pea Flower work in gin? 

Your colour-changing gin turns from a deep navy or indigo to a delicate purple or pink colour when you add an acidic mixer – either fruit juices or tonic. That’s because butterfly pea flower is extremely sensitive to pH levels. 

Can I make colour-changing gin myself? 

You sure can! Click here to find out how to infuse gin with butterfly pea flower.  However, some of our favourite craft gin distillers have created butterfly pea flower gins, with a bouquet of botanicals selected to complement its unique flavours. 

Brass lion gin

Which brands of colour-changing gin should I try?

For a premium, sophisticated expression… 

Brass Lion Butterfly Pea Gin 

This stunning gin from Singapore is made with butterfly pea flowers grown in the Brass Lion Distillery herb garden. It’s blended with a beautiful bouquet of aromatic botanicals, ranging from lavender and chrysanthemum to rosemary and kaffir lime.

Add anything acidic, (like lime juice or tonic) and watch the gin turn from deep blue to vibrant indigo.

It’s delightfully elegant when served with elderflower tonic, a slice of fresh grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary. 

Pink Marmalade Gin x Sophie Ellis-Bextor 

For a fabulously fun, drink-while-dancing expression… 

Pink Marmalade Gin x Sophie Ellis-Bextor 

This mind-bogglingly beautiful expression is a collaboration between a craft distillery and the singer, songwriter and all-round music icon Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

The brilliant mind behind Kitchen Discos and Murder on the Dancefloor inspired this delicious spirit made with salted pink marmalade, pink peppercorns and chamomile alongside butterfly pea flower and juniper. 

Add tonic and watch this light-blue gin turn a gorgeous shade of rose pink!

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