This pink tonic water is the must-have mixer for Spring 2019!

We know it’s hard to beat a classic G&T and at the Craft Gin Club, we feel the tradition of this iconic drink should be honoured! However, we also believe that gin lovers should experiment with flavour and currently, everywhere we look (and drink) we are seeing more and more blushes and pink hues in our G&Ts…pink is the colour of the Spring sipping season and we love it!


The London Essence Company’s Limited Edition Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic is the perfect gin mixer for this magical time of year.

The London Essence Company tonics are firm favourites in the best cocktail bars of the world’s biggest cities, but no matter where you encounter their tonics – be it Hong Kong, New York City or the comfort of your own home – distilled within them is the essence of London’s innovation and sophistication.


In the early 20th century the London Essence Company earned a reputation for creating exquisite essences for the capital’s perfume, confectionery and drinks industries. It was revived in 2016, when their records and recipes were rediscovered and dusted off for a new century.

As Jaala Pickering of The London Essence Company says, “We were inspired to refresh the company with the original firm’s precise methods and inventiveness, with the aim of reinvigorating today’s expanding drinks universe.”

The resulting range of tonics offer an elegant and aromatic way to enliven your gin collection. The unique flavours and gorgeous pink tint of their Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic Water set it apart as the must-have mixer for spring 2019. As part of London Essence’s ever evolving repertoire of gorgeous beverages, this limited-edition tonic will only be on the market for a year!

Jaala says, “With naturally-sourced sweetness and less than 20 calories per 100ml, it’s perfect to enjoy in the spring sunshine as a daytime tipple.”

She continues, “All our mixers are made with distilled essences of fruits and botanicals. This means they deliver distinctive signature notes that flatter rather than mask the flavour of the spirits they are mixed with.”

The tonics crafted by The London Essence Company, like the city itself, move with seasons while preserving an excellence that never goes out of style. Jaala smiles, “The traditional craft of London continues to inspire us to create drinks of exceptional quality.”

You can stock up on these wonderful flavours from London Essence at Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon Fresh and Harvey Nichols.

Cosmo Highball



Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour over the gin, Cointreau, lime juice and tonic. Garnish and serve.


20ml London dry gin
15ml Cointreau
10ml lime juice
125ml chilled Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic
Rose petals, to garnish