The Perfect Pink Gin & Tonic for Spring!

Every month, we pack up everything Craft Gin Club members need to make the perfect G&T and send it right to their doors! April’s perfect G&T is the ideal tipple to celebrate the sunny evenings of early spring. Chin chin! A dreamy combination of Dodd’s Limited Edition Gin with London Essence Pomelo & Pink Peppercorn Tonic with a sprinkle of lavender and lemon peel garnish.


The Perfect Dodd’s Limited Edition G&T

50ml Dodd’s Limited Edition Gin
150ml The London Essence Company Pomelo & Pink Peppercorn Tonic
Lavender and lemon peel, to garnish

Fill a copa glass with ice. Add the gin, top up with tonic and sprinkle lavender and lemon over the top.For a really pretty addition to your drink, why not try your hand at lavender ice cubes? Simply sprinkle a few dried lavender flowers into each segment of the ice cube tray, fill the tray with warm water (this creates clearer ice cubes than using cold water) and freeze, ready for use!

Our tip: you can use a tea strainer to infuse the cocktail with the flavours of lavender before removing the bits, if you prefer.

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