9 things only other gin lovers will understand

Here at Craft Gin Club, we are a family united by our deep love of gin. However, not everyone has yet discovered the joys of juniper and sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation that only gin lovers will understand…

1. While you may be a regular Mother Theresa when it comes to sharing food generally, you will still get mad if your family or friends eat your last cucumber, lemon or lime. NO, IT WAS NOT FOR SMOOTHIES!

2. It’s totally socially acceptable to knock on the door of the neighbour you’ve never met at 10pm to ask if they have any limes. It’s an emergency!

 3. Your only real option when your friend pours you a glass of ouzo - ouzo!- that they brought back from holiday is to surreptitiously pour it into a pot plant at the first opportunity and then secretly refill your glass with gin as soon as they go to the bathroom.

4. Your partner is completely unreasonable for getting cross with you just because you insisted on visiting four supermarkets on foot so you could find the right tonic. Supermarket own brand ain't gonna cut it, people!

5. The intense inner battle raging in order not to show how smug you feel when you order a Pendennis Club in a posh bar and the bartender gives you an impressed eyebrow raise in recognition of your superior gin tastes.

6. Your satisfaction when a friend finally takes up one of your gin cocktail recipe suggestions, like putting chilli and lime in their G&T, and it blows their mind.

7. When science proved that gin drinkers are more likely to be psychopaths and you wondered if your secret thoughts about your colleague had a darker meaning than you thought.

8. The way you know you’ve found your soulmate when you get home from a hard day and they’ve got the perfect G&T ready and waiting.

9. That it’s 100% acceptable to tell a white lie to your friends to get out of going out to a noisy, crowded bar - especially when you’ve got a Craft Gin Club box waiting to be opened!