The tonic water that was made 1,724 metres above sea level!

We love to theme our Gin of the Month boxes! And January is no exception. With the Gin of the Month coming straight from the Amazon we made sure the mixer for this month's perfect G&T also originates from South America.

High in the Andes, the indigenous Quecha people of Peru have been harvesting the bark of the cinchona tree – better known to us as quinine – for centuries. Now 1724 tonic is bringing UK gin lovers a tonic from the clouds, to pair perfectly with premium spirits.

If our member’s January Gin of the Month was designed to transport them to the Amazon rainforest, the 1724 tonic is the gateway to the peaks of the Andes.


In these rocky mountain passes, the bitter quality of quinine was first discovered – and now, the team behind 1724 Tonic Water is harvesting this gin-enhancing botanical at the roof of the world.

As Joseph Caro, Director of PR and Communications for 1724 explains, “Our name refers to 1,724 meters above sea level, on the mythical Inca trail in Peru, the country in which quinine was discovered. There, this ingredient gains the authenticity of a product with roots in the region going back hundreds of years.”

As Joseph explains, the indigenous Quecha people have been harvesting the bark from the cinchona tree for centuries, balancing its natural bitterness with sweetened water. The resulting tonic would be consumed for its healing qualities.


Joseph says, “The natural quinine from the Andes region is one of the highest quality in the world. Our natural citrus extracts, along with our subtle bitterness and lighter carbonation, combine to create a truly versatile tonic water.”

Spectacular with gin – obviously! – the 1724 tonic in the January Gin of the Month box is also delicious with vodka, tequila, rum or even on its own. There’s a whole world of flavour to discover in the sky!