Sink the pink (gin) Flamingo Tears Gin!

Pink gin is one of 2019's biggest gin trends and we love the stuff here at Craft Gin Club. You probably won’t see this particular spirit in any of our Gin of the Month boxes, but if something is making a stir in the ginny world, we want to be the ones to let you know!

We featured Manchester Raspberry Gin in our Gin of the Month box last year (ahead of the game!) and we have just made our very own pink gin, using raspberries!

Yes, there are plenty of pink gins out there and we prefer a craft pink gin, however this Flamingo tears gin looks like a lot of fun!


From the makers of the ever famous Unicorn Tears and Pixie Tears Gin Liqueur, Firebox have come up with this novelty product to add to their 'tears' line. It is said that this pink potion is made from the tears of fabulous flamingos and thankfully the flavour is pink grapefruit and not shrimp.

We haven’t tried this yet, but we’d love to hear from gin lovers who have! We like to stay open-minded here at Craft Gin Club but the on-going argument of whether something like this can be classed as a ‘real gin’ continues…what do you think?