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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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This new Salcombe Gin is so tasty AND it is helping the RNLI!

This new Salcombe Gin is so tasty AND it is helping the RNLI!

Oct 3, 2023

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Salcombe Gin ‘Four Seas’ RNLI edition on the Craft Gin Club online shop, we are taking a look at Salcombe Distilling Co., the incredible distillery behind this wonderful tipple.

In this feature, you can discover everything you need to know about Salcombe Gin, from where it’s made to how to drink it, including incredible serving suggestions for the Salcombe Gin range!

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But first, what makes this new RNLI edition so special?

Salcombe Gin 'Four Seas' RNLI edition

Salcombe Gin Four Seas has been handcrafted by the masterful distillers at the Salcombe Distilling Co. in support of the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) - for every bottle sold, they are donating 10% of the net profit to this indispensable charity.

This amazing donation helps the RNLI continue working to keep our seas and waterways safe, relying on skilled volunteer lifesavers who risk their lives every day to save others on the water, no matter the season or weather.

Inspired by those hardy volunteers, Salcombe Distilling Co. has used four key botanicals from the four corners of the British Isles.

They include sugar kelp from the Irish Sea, elderberries from the coastal hedgerows of Wales, English sea buckthorn and lemon peel smoked over Scottish whisky oak barrel chips.

Together, they give you a unique and completely divine London dry that has hints of caramelised lemon, berry tones and delectable touches of salinity.

It works great in a G&T with premium tonic water and a sprig of fresh rosemary and it is particularly fantastic in a new cocktail developed by the team at Salcombe called the ‘Sir William Hillary’ - it’s a mouthwatering twist on the Tom Collins!

For those who don’t know, Sir William Hillary was the founder of the RNLI. He had a vision of a service dedicated to saving lives at sea and brought that vision into reality. 200 years later, the RNLI is still going strong.

Cheers to you, Sir William!

The Sir William Hillary

Salcombe gin cocktail recipe

50ml Salcombe Gin ’Four Seas’ RNLI edition
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Elderflower cordial
Soda water, to top up
Rosemary sprig, to garnish

Add the gin, lemon juice and elderflower cordial to a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and shake. Double strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with soda water and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. Enjoy!

Now, let’s find out more about Salcombe Gin…

Who owns Salcombe Gin?

Salcombe Distilling Co. was co-founded by friends Angus Lugsdin and Howard Davies. They met over 20 years ago while teaching children to sail at Salcombe’s Island Cruising Club.

Salcombe Distilling Co. founders and owners

Where is Salcombe Gin made?

Salcombe gin is made at The Boathouse, Salcombe Distilling Co.’s distillery in Salcombe, Devon. It is one of the only gin distilleries in the world accessible by boat!

You can visit The Boathouse and see where the magic happens. There, the Salcombe team runs a fantastic gin school and a rum school, and they also have wonderful distillery tour experiences. Find out more here!

What is Salcombe Gin made of?

For their first and now-signature expression, Salcombe Gin Start Point, the team at Salcombe Distilling Co. take inspiration from the 19th-century fruit schooners that were built in Salcombe and manned by Salcombe locals. They would bring exotic citrus fruit and spices into the UK’s thriving ports from across the globe.

As such, this Salcombe gin is made with organic citrus fruits like red grapefruit, lemons and limes. They are joined in the still by spices like cinnamon, liquorice root, bay leaf, angelica, chamomile orris root, green cardamom, cubeb pepper and Sussex-grown English coriander.

For those quintessential London dry juniper notes, the Salcombe team use only the finest Macedonian juniper.

Altogether, these ingredients combine in the still to give you a London dry gin that is citrus-led and has a rich base of juniper and spice.

What other gins does Salcombe Distilling Co. have in its range?

The team at Salcombe Distilling Co. have a range of incredible craft gins, rum and liquid botanicals. If you are new to Salcombe Gin, we recommend starting with their Start Point and Rosé Sainte Marie editions.

They are gin-credible!

Salcombe Gin Start point

Named after the Start Point lighthouse in Devon, this magnificent craft gin is Salcombe Distilling Co.’s signature edition.

It is a delectably complex London dry profile with a mouthwatering melody of pine and citrus tones that no gin fan will want to miss.

How do you drink Salcombe Start Point Gin?

We recommend serving Salcombe Gin Start Point with a premium Indian tonic and garnishing with a slice of fresh grapefruit. This mixer and garnish combination really complements the citrus notes of the gin.

The perfect Salcombe Gin and tonic:

50ml Salcombe Gin Start Point
200ml Indian Tonic Water
Fresh grapefruit, to garnish

Add everything to a glass with plenty of ice and enjoy!

Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie

This beautiful rose-coloured Salcombe Gin is their sophisticated and remarkably scrumptious take on a pink gin.

Inspired by the rose wines of Provence and named after the “Sainte Marie”, lighthouse of the Old Port of Marseille, it is a symphony of Mediterranean citrus and herb flavours that is completely divine - especially when sipped in the sun.

How do you drink Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie?

Just like Salcombe Gin Start Point, we think Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie works remarkably well with premium Indian tonic water. To garnish? It has to be lemon peel and fresh strawberries, they really help the gin sing.

The perfect Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie and tonic recipe:

50ml Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie
200ml Indian Tonic Water
Lemon peel, to garnish
Fresh strawberries, to garnish

Add all of the ingredients to a glass with plenty of ice. Serve and enjoy!

Salcombe Distilling Co. also has a stunning ‘Voyager Series’ of gins inspired by oceanic exploration that you can check out here!

Where can you buy Salcombe Gins?

Salcombe Gins are available to buy on the Craft Gin Club online shop and they are also available to buy on the Salcombe Distilling Co. website.