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18 of the best Mother's Day gifts for mums that love gin!

18 of the best Mother's Day gifts for mums that love gin!

Mar 20, 2019

If you are looking for the perfect gin gift for Mother’s Day 2022 we have you covered right here. We have swept the internet and have come up with some of the best Mother’s Day gin gift ideas that money can buy!

From homemade Mother’s Day gifts and amazing gin gift sets to last-minute gifts that you can buy and send to her on Mother’s Day, this feature will make sure your mum gets something truly special this year. Scroll down to reveal all!

When is Mother’s Day in 2022?

In the UK, Mother’s Day lands on March 27th in the year 2022. In America, Mother’s Day always lands on the second Sunday in May, which makes it May 8th this year. Wherever you are make sure those dates are in your diary!

Can you send gin as a gift?

Yes, you can send gin as a gift for Mother’s Day. Gin makes for a fantastic gift idea because their is so much variety in gin these days that you really can find something to suit anyone’s taste.

What do you get someone who likes gin?

With the amazing range of forms that gin can take now, from miniature gin tasting sets to personalised gin recipes and bottles, you can find something really unique and special for Mother’s Day that goes far beyond a bottle from the supermarket.

In the list below you can even find a brilliant gin experience to gift your mum, in the form of a wonderful gin tasting event that you could attend together.

18 of the best Mother’s Day gin gift suggestions:

A Craft Gin Club gift subscription

Mother's Day gift subscription

Price: £149, £220 or £440

Of course, the best gift for a gin-loving mum this Mother’s Day is surely a Craft Gin Club annual membership? It’s a sure-fire way to stay in her good books all year round…You can also choose to give a one-off gift box, for a taste of our beautifully curated gin box. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day treat box every month!

Get your mum a Craft Gin Club gift subscription online here!

2. Her favourite craft gin

Craft gin Mother's Day gift

Price: from £30

Surprise your mum with her favourite bottle of craft gin!

It’s not always easy finding someone’s favourite craft gin, especially if they are a member of Craft Gin Club and so have tried so many fantastic but rare tipples. Not to worry though, we have you covered. Craft Gin Club’s online shop has an incredible range of gins that are sure to impress even the most discerning mums.

Shop the best gins for Mother’s Day on the Craft Gin Club online shop here!

3. A puppy-inspired cocktail bundle

Dog's Trust cocktail bundle for a Mother's Day gin gift

Price: from £39

Puppy parents will love Craft Gin Club’s brand-new dog-inspired cocktail bundles - and so will human-puppy parents too! We have a Bloodhound, a Greyhound, a Bulldog and The Pink Poodle for you to choose from and each one is as delicious as the next. You mum will receive the main ingredients for the cocktail to her door so that she can whip these sumptuous serves at home.

What’s more, £5 from the purchase of each bundle will go to the Dogs Trust to help them continue improving dog welfare in the UK and across the globe. It’s the best charitable Mother’s Day gift you can get!

Buy your mum a doggy cocktail bundle from the Craft Gin Club online shop here!

4. A personalised Mother’s Day gin with My Craft Gin

Personalised gin for Mother's Day

Price: £33 per bottle

You create the recipe, name the gin and add your own personal message, we distil the gin for you and send it to your mum. Craft Gin Club’s My Craft Gin service couldn’t be easier to use and is a fantastic way to surprise your mum with a truly personal Mother’s Day gift.

Create a bespoke bottle of gin just for her on the Craft Gin Club online shop here!

5. Take her to a virtual pink gin tasting event

Usual Mother's gift a gin tasting experience

Price: £30

This live online event is the perfect way to treat your mum to a new and exciting experience. Together, you’ll get to taste four incredible pink craft gins, on their one and in G&Ts as the Craft Gin Club team and the distillers behind each gin guide you through each one.

Everything you need is included in your ticket and delivered to your door before the event, which is on April 22nd at 7pm. Just make sure you and your mum have a tasting glass and a G&T glass at the ready and that the freezer is stocked with ice.

Buy your mum tickets to this marvellous gin tasting event and more right here!

6. Craft Gin Club’s Gin & Tonic with a Pop!

Gin & Tonic with a Pop! readymade G&T

Price: £19.95

Treat your mum with this gorgeous readymade G&T! Delivered in a beautiful corked bottle and created by the remarkable team at ELG Spirits, it’s a Mother’s Day gift with real pizzazz.

All that she has to do is pop the cork, pour and enjoy.

You can buy our G&T with a Pop! on the Craft Gin Club online shop here!

7. Gin O’Clock: A Year of Ginspiration recipe book

Mother's Day recipe book gift idea

Price: £10.80

If your mum loves a good recipe book then this is the Mother’s Day gift for her. Jam-packed with mouthwatering gin cocktails and food recipes, it’s a fantastic way for your to explore the wonderful world of gin together.

Buy Gin O’Clock: A Year of Ginspiration here!

8. The perfect gin for Mother’s Day

The perfect gin for Mother's Day

Price: £36

Inspired by the distillers own marvellous mum, who loved horticulture and especially the passion flower, GŴYR Spring Bouquet Gin from The Gower Gin Company is brimming with delicious floral flavours that are sure to delight any gin-loving mum.

This rare and unique craft gin is available exclusively to Craft Gin Club members here!

9. Email Gift Cards

Last minute Mother's Day gift idea

Price: £50, £75 or £100

This is the best last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea - it can literally be bought and sent to your mum on Mother’s Day!

Just send the “card” in an email to your mum and then she can use it to find and buy her favourite ginny goodies on the Craft Gin Club online shop. It couldn’t be easier for her and you.

Get an Email Gift Card for the Craft Gin Club online shop at this link!

10. Mother’s Grapefruit Fizz Cocktail Bundle

Price: £65

Craft Gin Club’s team of experts have created this stunning cocktail recipe for Mother’s Day. It mixes Fynoderee Manx Dry Elder Shee Edition gin with Upstream Grapefruit & Bergamot and Hotel Starlino Rose Aperitivo in the most wonderful way. You can get all of the ingredients along with some delicious Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles and Native Snacks Sweet Chilli Prawn Crackers in one fun bundle on the Craft Gin Club online shop.

Find our Mother’s Grapefruit Fizz Cocktail Bundle here!

11. Miniature gin gift sets

Miniature gin gift set

Price: £54

Does your mum like tasting lots of different gins? We then this is the Mother’s Day gift for her!

Craft Gin Club’s Explorers’ Collection bundle has four different sets of miniature craft gins for your mum to try: Citrus Gins, Classic Gins, Pink Gins and Flavoured Gins. There’s no better way to treat her to a gin tasting experience at home!

You can buy Craft Gin Club’s Explorers’ Collection here!

12. Personalised Gin Glass

Personalised glass Mother's Day gift

Price: varies

Add a fun or thoughtful personal touch for your Mum to read every time she pours a G&T with a personalised gin glass! It’s a fantastic way to give your mum beautiful glassware that is personal to her.

The only problem is choosing which personalise gin glass to get her. There are a lot of options out there so we have helped you out by narrowing it down to 6 of our favourites…

Discover 6 fantastic personalised gin glasses that make for gin-credible Mother’s Day gifts here!

13. Chocolates

Chocolate Mother's Day gift

Price: from £2.75

Celebrate the sweetness of your Mum with a beautiful selection of chocolates from the Craft Gin Club online shop. From honeycomb-strewn chocolate slabs to Irish cream-flavoured bars, we have everything a chocolate-loving mum could wish for. So whip her up a cocktail and present some incredible chocolates for her to enjoy with it this Mother’s Day.

Find delicious chocolates for Mother’s Day here!

14. Gin Teacup

Unusual Mother's Day gift

Price: £25

Who says a glass is the only way to enjoy your favourite gin cocktail? Pretty gin teacups can be just as fun!

These cute teacups from John Lewis & Partners are a wonderful way to give your mum a unique, creative, unusual Mother’s Day gift that is sure to surprise and delight - especially if you fill it with a cocktail like a Gin Punch.

You can buy this gin teacup online at John Lewis & Partners at this link!

15. The must-have Craft Gin Club accessories!

Mother's Day gifts, accessories

Price: from £4.99

Make your mum the host with the most by lavishing her in all of the top Craft Gin Club accessories. From a Craft Gin Club tote bags and aprons to cocktail posters, there’s everything she needs to make her feel the part as she whips up her favourite cocktails.

Shop Craft Gin Club accessories here!

16. A fancy new cocktail shaker

Cocktail shaker for a Mother's Day gift

Price: varies

Gift your mum a fancy new cocktail shaker this Mother’s Day! No cocktail set would be complete without its centrepiece, the cocktail shaker. They come in so many shapes and sizes these days that you can find the perfect one for your mum.

Discover Craft Gin Club’s 24 best cocktail shaker picks at this link!

17. A homemade gin bottle candle

Homemade Mother's Day gift
Image: @mama_lesa_top_tipple_candles (left), @smash_create_cook (right). Instagram.

Price: varies

Few things say “I love you, mum!” like a homemade Mother’s Day gift. Our top suggestion is a homemade candle, made using a gorgeous gin bottle. It’s surprisingly easy to do at home and the result is a gift that’s truly heartfelt.

Find our guide for making homemade gin candles here!

18. Gin & Tonic Bathing Gift Set

Mother's Day bath gift set

Price: £16

Help your mum relax this Mother’s Day with a gin-tastic bath set! With juniper and lemon flavoured bath soak, salts and a lip balm, this set from Barefoot & Beautiful is a fabulous way to give your mum the relaxation she needs!

You can buy this Gin & Tonic Bathing Gift Set from Utility, here!

Now find the perfect cocktail recipe for Mother's Day!