Is this the prettiest Valentine's Day cocktail ever?!

Valentine’s day is here and we are more than ready for it thanks to February’s adorable Gin of the Month Naud Gin! Not only does this stunning spirit make the perfect gin and tonic, with tasting notes of organic bergamot and nutmeg, it makes a beautiful cocktail.

Fiery ginger and fruity pomegranate make this cocktail the perfect Valentine’s tipple! Cheers gin lovers!

Valentine’s Gin



Add ice to a rocks glass, then add the gin, violet syrup and grenadine. Stir, then top up with tonic. Garnish and serve.


60ml Naud Gin
Dash of violet syrup
Dash of grenadine
Tonic water, to top up
Fresh ginger, pomegranate seeds and mint, to garnish

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