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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Learn how to serve ready-to-drink mocktails here!

Learn how to serve ready-to-drink mocktails here!

May 7, 2024

Inspired by the fantastic J2O Mocktails Blackberry & Blueberry Martini in Craft Gin Club's May 2024 Gin of the Month box, we are teaching you how to turn canned mocktails into showstopping drinks worthy of any cocktail bar.

That's right, in this feature, we are showing you how to serve premade mocktails like a pro.

Ways to serve premade mocktails

Many ready-to-drink mocktails may come in a can but it doesn't mean they have to be served that way. The fact that they come ready-made only means that you have more time and energy to devote to their presentation - which is usually half the battle with any cocktail or mocktail.

So we have put together three fantastic ways to serve ready-to-drink mocktails, using J2O's fabulous range of canned mocktails as inspiration.

We'll be suggesting the perfect glassware for your mocktail, some eye-catching garnish ideas that enhance the flavour too, and we'll even go as far as to tell you what kind of occasion we think each mocktail is perfect for.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to reveal all!

How to serve a martini mocktail:

Martini mocktail serving suggestion

It's safe to say that we have absolutely fallen in love with the J2O Mocktails Blackberry & Blueberry Martini in May's Gin of the Month box. It's bursting with sweet-tart berry flavours that are complemented by a martini-like touch of bitters that is utterly divine.

What glassware should you serve this beautiful purple mocktail in?

Well, the answer to that can be none other than a classic martini glass. Elegant and delicate, the martini glass, with its iconic "Y" shape, is ideal for sipping away at this mocktail.

For the garnish? We like to keep things simple yet effective when it comes to garnishing this mocktail.

Just take three blueberries or blackberries and thread them onto a cocktail stick.

To serve, you can either balance the berry-laden cocktail stick on the rim of the glass or have it rested on the inside of the glass, half in the mocktail and half out. Both ways look great!

All that's left is to decide where you're going to enjoy this mocktail. We think the authentic berry flavours of J2O Mocktails Blackberry & Blueberry Martini make it ideal for sipping at a country picnic, not too far from the bushes and hedgerows that the mocktail encapsulates.

Where to drink martini mocktails

How to serve a mojito mocktail:

Mojito mocktail serving suggestion

Alcohol-free Mojitos are a great way to get that refreshing mint and lime taste without the hit of booze. J2O have taken it a step further with their Strawberry & Orange Blossom Mojitio mocktail in a can by adding joyous citrus and berry flavours to the mix - we can not get enough.

We think the perfect glassware for this mocktail is a tall Highball glass, preferably filled with lots of ice.

To garnish, a fresh strawberry and a bushy sprig of fresh mint placed on top will really "wow" your guests.

With those summery strawberry and orange citrus flavours, this brilliantly booze-less mojito is perfectly suited to garden parties and barbecues with your friends. Simply open, pour, garnish and enjoy.

Check out Craft Gin Club's gin-based Mojito here!

Where to drink mojito mocktails

How to serve a daiquiri mocktail:

Daiquiri mocktail serving suggestion

Trust us, you have never tried a daiquiri like J2O Mocktails White Peach & Mango Daiquiri.

This fabulous twist on the classic rum and lime cocktail removes the alcohol and infuses those zesty lime notes with juicy white peach and luscious mango flavours to give you a tropical mocktail that is not to be missed.

A daiquiri is traditionally served in a coupe glass, and that will work here, however, we think J2O Mocktails White Peach & Mango Daiquiri is particularly well-suited to a nice rocks glass.

The rocks glass allows you to enjoy the mocktail with lots of ice on hot days and holds the garnish wonderfully well.

What garnish? You may ask. We recommend using fresh lemon peel for this serve. Not only does it link back to the daiquiri's citrusy origins but those fragrant lemon notes help to elevate the mango and white peach flavours of the mocktail.

With that tropical allure, there is no better place to enjoy J2O Mocktails White Peach & Mango Daiquiri than on the beach. It's made for taking those days to the next level!

Where to drink daiquiri mocktails

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