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A world of unique, crafted gins

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How to make blackcurrant gin at home!

How to make blackcurrant gin at home!

Jul 21, 2023

In the mid to late summer months, if there is one thing we love more than heading out to pick blackcurrants, it’s using those fresh blackcurrants to make our very own blackcurrant gin at home.

The best part? It’s so easy to do!

All you need is fresh blackcurrants, gin and sugar…et voila. Just leave them to macerate for a couple of weeks and you are left with a deep purple gin that’s brimming with blackcurrant flavours.

Give it a go…

When is blackcurrant season in the UK?

Blackcurrant season stretches from July to August in the UK. This means that this two-month period is when blackcurrants will be at their ripest and sweetest - which is the best time to use them to make blackcurrant gin.

What does blackcurrant gin taste like?

Blackcurrant gin is bursting with the sweet-tart and juicy berry flavours of fresh, ripe blackcurrants.

Those authentic and complex blackcurrant flavours are then underpinned by a wonderfully rich, earthy base of juniper from the gin.

The gin can also add subtle yet delightful citrus, floral, herb and spice tones depending on the type of gin you choose as a base for your blackcurrant gin.

What gin do you use to make blackcurrant gin?

To make blackcurrant gin, we recommend using a good London dry gin.

This is because London dry gin typically has a range of classic juniper, citrus, spice, herb and floral tones that are balanced and tasty and will not compete with the luscious blackcurrant flavours.

Best blackcurrant gin recipe

Blackcurrant gin ingredients and equipment:

Approx. 350g fresh blackcurrants
100g caster sugar, or to taste
70cl London dry gin
A clean, sterilised jar or bottle with a seal

How to make blackcurrant gin:

Wash your blackcurrants and add them to the sterilised jar. Then muddle the currants with the end of a rolling pin or similar.

Add the gin and sugar. Place the lid on the jar and shake well before leaving it in a cool, dry place for a minimum of two weeks, shaking again every couple of days. Taste and leave for longer if you would like the blackcurrant flavour to be stronger.

Strain the liquid through a clean muslin cloth or fine mesh sieve into a fresh sterilized glass or porcelain bottle. Enjoy!

What goes with blackcurrant gin?

Blackcurrant gin is delicious in a simple G&T with premium tonic water of your choice, garnished with orange or lemon slices and more blackcurrants.

And that same serve is great with soda water too, if you aren’t a fan of tonic.

For an extra flavoursome tipple, we recommend mixing blackcurrant gin with lemonade or ginger beer.

The sweet, citrusy lemonade really complements the juicy berries while the zesty, fiery ginger beer provides a fragrant counterpart that is simply divine.

You must give this easy blackcurrant gin and ginger beer recipe a go (just swap the ginger beer for lemonade for a just-as-tasty serve)…

How to serve blackcurrant gin

How to serve blackcurrant gin:

60ml blackcurrant gin
200ml ginger beer
Fresh blackcurrants and/or rosemary and orange, to garnish

Add all of the ingredients to a glass with ice and stir. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

And for something a little more luxurious, we love mixing up a Blackcurrant Gin Royale at parties - it’s the perfect blackcurrant gin cocktail for when you have lots of guests.

Blackcurrant Gin Cocktail Recipe

Blackcurrant Gin Royale

25ml blackcurrant gin
Champagne, to top (chilled)

Add both the gin and champagne to a champagne flute. Serve and enjoy!

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