Want to know the secret formula for making amazing cocktails at home?

How often have you thought that you’d love to try your hand at making a cocktail at home, but without a cocktail recipe to hand that includes the exact ingredients in your fridge, chickened out in favour of a tried-and-tested easy gin and tonic? We’re all putting our hands up, right?!

The truth is, while there is a definite art to making beautiful drinks, absolutely anyone can master the rules behind making a decent basic cocktail. Indeed, our amazing members prove it every month when they send us their photos of their incredible recreations of the cocktail recipes in our Gin of the Month box!


Yes, here at Craft Gin Club, we’re all about elevating your at-home cocktail-drinking experience, so let us introduce you to a fool-proof formula that makes at-home mixology ridiculously easy!

Meet the “Golden Ratio”: the secret to crafting dozens of perfectly balanced tipples.

What is the “golden ratio”?


The “Golden Ratio” is very simple. Follow this 3-step formula to create a cocktail that tastes divine, every time:

  • 2 parts spirit (e.g. gin)

  • 1 part tart (e.g. lemon or lime juice)

  • 1 part sweet (e.g. simple syrup, honey, flavoured liqueur)

That’s it! To begin, try emulating some of your favourite cocktails before experimenting with your own flavour combinations.

How do I make a cocktail myself?

Now you know the Golden Ratio, you just need to choose the ingredients you’d like to experiment with to create your cocktail, and get mixing! Follow these quick steps to make the perfect drink:

  1. Pour your spirit, tart and sweet ingredients into a cocktail shaker or mixing glass.

  2. Shake or thoroughly stir your three ingredients with ice. Not sure whether to shake or stir? Check out our simple guide to shaking vs stirring your cocktails.

  3. Strain your drink into the cocktail glass of your choice. Follow our easy guide to cocktail glasses to decide which glass best suits your drink.

  4. Choose a garnish that complements the flavours in your drink. Voila! Your homemade cocktail is ready to serve!

Using this simple formula, anyone can make well-balanced, tasty cocktails. The possibilities are endless!  Like the alchemists of old, use it to experiment with your favourite ingredients – you never know when you’re going to hit upon a recipe that’s pure gold.