10 Must-try Gin O'Clock Snacks

Picture this... an ice-cold G&T in one hand, now tell me, what's in the other hand? A snack of course! A leisurely drink requires an accompaniment, which is why we send these tasty treats out in our Gin of the Month boxes!



February’s Gin of the Month box was all about love, so the Love Corn snacks we included went down a treat! Why not try our flavour match quiz to see what flavour you are?!


No matter the flavour, crisps are the perfect snacks for gin O'Clock. They have the ability to ignite the taste buds and take the palate of the gin to the next level.

Real Crisp Cheese and Onion.jpg


Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, chocolates will always be tasty accompaniment. When you now add a gin and tonic flavoured chocolate to the mix, then you know you're in for a real ginny  treat!



You'd be surprised by this guilt-free snack by Indie Bay. They're crunchy and full of flavour that'll have you reaching for more. 


Pop Crisps

Kallo burst into the scene and changed the way we think of a bag of crisps. Their tasty pop crisps are gluten free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and high in fibre! What more could you ask for?!




One bag, two bags, three bags... oh no! Popcorn are irresistible tasty goodness that make ideal pairing for a big glass of G&T. We've even got a scrumptious Gin Caramel Popcorn recipe you can try.  


ardens biscuits.png

If you're looking for a gin o'clock snack that's great for sharing then look no further than Arden's biscuit bites. You can even turn them into little canapes to impress your ginpals.



Nothing tastes better with a drink than a snack. Historically, nuts have always played a complementary role when drinking. 

Chocolate Biscuits


If the savoury choice of the Ardens biscuit doesn't tickle your fancy, then about a sweet variant. Indulge in a shared moment with gin lovers with a chocolate biscuit like Bahlsen's Choco Moments



The sweetness of fudge is absolutely irresistible. When paired with a flavourful craft gin, you'll have your mouth watering none stop.

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