For the ultimate after-dinner delight, reach for Bahlsen Choco Moments

They’ve been delighting biscuit lovers for generations – but Bahlsen, the family run company behind the world famous Choco Leibniz, has just introduced its most indulgent biscuit yet. Meet the after-dinner dream that will transform your next evening in… especially when you pair it with a Craft Gin Club exclusive cocktail.

Bahlsen Choco Moments Mint Biscuits

When it comes to biscuits, one family has been hitting the sweet spot for more than 100 years: the Bahlsen family, inventors of the famous Leibniz.

This ingeniously addictive creation was a smash when it was introduced in 1891, and it’s remained a classic ever since. And once it came together with a smooth layer of rich chocolate in the form of a Choco Leibnitz? Sheer perfection was born.

These days, Choco Leibniz are still made to painstaking standards by the Bahlsen family and their employees. And, 125 years on, Werner Bahlsen – grandson of the founder himself –  and his team continue to perfect biscuits today.

As Werner says, “My grandfather, Hermann Bahlsen – who founded Bahlsen in 1889 – was capable of always gathering fresh inspirations from the new and unusual. He walked through the world with open eyes. This attitude made Bahlsen the company that it is today.”

Every day at Bahlsen, Werner says, is a quest for excellence and innovation. But much of that, he adds, means holding tight to the traditions that made his family’s company so phenomenal in the first place.

“We have been baking biscuits for 125 years, 365 days a year,” he explains, “and do everything we can to ensure that our customers always receive the same quality. Even the grain has been coming from the same mill, in the same region, for many decades. We owe this to our customers, and as a family-owned company we take our responsibility very seriously.”

He continues, “Our baked goods stand for the enjoyment and love of life. The unmistakable taste, the consistently high quality and trust in the product have made Bahlsen what it is today: a successful, modern, family-run company.”

The beautiful biscuits in February's Gin of the Month box are the indulgent next step for the Bahlsen family and their biscuits.

“Choco Moments is a brand-new addition to the Bahlsen family, and it’s our most indulgent biscuit yet,” Werner says.

Shaped just like the classic Choco Leibniz, this time around the crunchy butter base is slathered in the thickest layer of dark chocolate yet, and dotted with brilliant beads of mint for a classic after-dinner flavour combination. 

Whether you’ve slaved over a romantic dinner and want a simple dessert that’s sure to impress, or just fancy putting your feet up in front of the TV and spoiling yourself, the Choco Moments Mint in February's Gin of the Month box will hit the spot.

“I enjoy my Choco Moments Mint as an after-dinner treat, with a coffee,” says Werner. “Or a glass of something stronger!”

Bahlsen Great Western Flip Gin Cocktail Valentines Day

Try these indulgent treasures with a Great Western Flip. This Craft Gin Club exclusive digestif was designed to pair with your Choco Moments Mint by Patrick Fogarty of Exeter’s Doctor Ink’s Curiosities – and together they make for an irresistibly ginny end to your evening meal! Get the recipe for this brilliant cocktail here.