Yo(u)-ghurt to try this new gin and tonic-inspired dairy treat!

Gin-loving dieters around the UK may be excited to hear that gin and tonic-inspired yoghurts by Müllerlight are now hitting the shelves of Tesco and Asda stores around the UK.

The six-packs contain two different gin-inspired flavours: three gin and tonic-flavoured pots and three pink gin and elderflower pots. The packs have a recommended retail price of £3.

Containing 0.5% gin, the fat-free yogurt contains no added sugar, which means they count as half a “syn” on the popular Slimmers’ World weight-loss plan.

Of course, the gin-flavoured pudding pots might appeal to non-dieters too (although those folks might also be quite excited to hear that there is also a new mince pie flavour yoghurt in the range… just saying).

Whether you’re slimming or not, a gin and tonic-flavoured yoghurt is certainly one way to liven up your breakfast muesli!

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Photo: shutterstock

Photo: shutterstock