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Craft Gin Club and Dogs Trust have brought together four dog-inspired cocktails that puppy parents are going to love!

Craft Gin Club and Dogs Trust have brought together four dog-inspired cocktails that puppy parents are going to love!

Mar 4, 2022

If you have already had a go a creating one of our Paw-fect G&Ts then you will already know that Craft Gin Club has been working with Dogs Trust to try and spread some puppy love and raise awareness for all of the fantastic things that Dogs Trust do in the name of doggy welfare, both in the UK and across the globe (through Dogs Trust Worldwide).

So far, Craft Gin Clubbers have raised in excess of £1470 for Dogs Trust through their generous support of our Paw-fect G&T campaign. We’re woofing with pride!

Manchester gin
Craft Gin Club is donating £5 to Dogs Trust for every purchase of its Pawfect G&T bundles!
Dogs Trust

We have now created four brand-new cocktail bundles in celebration of dogs and doggy parents everywhere (Mother’s Day is on March 27th this year and we know dog mummies love gin too, just saying).

As with our Paw-fect G&Ts, we are donating £5 from each purchase of these cocktail bundles to Dogs Trust. In other words, you get to help out our furry friends while enjoying a fantastic craft gin tipple! It’s what we like to call a gin-gin situation…

Here are the four mouthwatering cocktails that can be made with each bundle. Be warned, these recipes may cause severe tail wagging and lots of drooling…

Bulldog Highball

Short and stout, soft yet brave, often grumpy-looking but always loveable (this could describe a few humans we know too!), Bulldogs are caring and easy to get along with, just like this sumptuous orange juice, ginger ale and gin cocktail.

Bulldog Highball cocktail recipe

Here, the wonderful mix of Micil Spiced Orange Irish Gin (Craft Gin Club’s October 2021 Gin of the Month), with its warm citrus and spice notes, works so well with the thirst-quenching orange juice and the vibrant ginger ale to give you a cocktail that is oh-so-delicious and completely quaffable.

45ml Micil Spiced Orange Gin 
15ml Pago Orange Juice
60ml London Essence Ginger Ale 
Orange slice, to garnish

Add all the ingredients in a highball glass with ice. Give a quick stir to combine and garnish with an orange slice.

Get the main ingredients for this Bulldog Highball in one gin-credible cocktail bundle at this link!


Sleek, elegant and always affectionate, we have a lot of time for the Greyhounds of this world here at Craft Gin Club HQ, and not just become the classic cocktail of the same name is so blooming delicious either!

Greyhound cocktail recipe

The classic Greyhound, just like its doggy counterpart, is super quick. All you have to do is pour your gin (we have selected Sông Cái Special Edition Gin, our January 2022 Gin of the Month, for its delightful herb and spice tones) and grapefruit juice into a glass with ice and you are good to go. Gin fans may also be familiar with a Salty Dog, which is a Greyhound in a salt-rimmed glass. Both versions are utterly divine!

Fun Fact: The Greyhound cocktail doesn’t actually get its name from any canine critter at all. It is thought that the cocktail got its name because it was popular at stations for an American bus company called Greyhound.

50ml Sông Cái Special Edition Gin
Pago Grapefruit Juice, to top
Lime wheel, to garnish
Salt to rim the glass (optional)

Add all ingredients in a highball glass with ice and give a quick stir to combine. Garnish and enjoy!

Get the main ingredients for our Greyhound in one bundle on the Craft Gin Club online shop here!


Don’t let their slightly droopy appearance fool you, a Bloodhound’s senses are keen as mustard. They are gallant and strong yet always up for a cuddle, which is probably why we love them so much! This cocktail is just as strong and just as heartwarming, with its rich mix of gin, vermouth and red berries.

Bloodhound cocktail recipe

The Craft Gin Club team chose Otterbeck Distillery Cotton Garden Gin (our September 2021 Gin of the Month) for this cocktail for its beautiful floral and herb tones, which work perfectly with herby, spicy vermouths and luscious strawberries. Yum!

60ml Otterbeck Distillery Cotton Garden Gin
25ml Punt e Mes Vermouth Rosso
25ml Londinio Dry Vermouth
3 fresh strawberries, to muddle
Fresh strawberry, to garnish

Muddle 3 fresh strawberries in a shaker. Add ice and the rest of the ingredients and shake well. Double strain into a Martini glass or coupe and garnish with half strawberry.

Get the main ingredients for this Bloodhound recipe in one fabulous bundle at this link!

The Pink Poodle

Fabulous, fun and oh-so-chic, this scrumptious cocktail shares many of the qualities of its curly-haired canine namesake. Take a sip and imagine yourself petting your luxurious poodle friend on a cocktail bar veranda as you both watch the world go by. Yes, please!

Dog's Trust and Craft Gin Club's The Pink Poodle cocktail recipe

Mad Owl Gin Special Edition, which was our November 2021 Gin of the Month, is the perfect choice for this cocktail because its citrusy profile really complements the vanilla of the syrup and the sweet-tart pomegranate in the grenadine so very well. It is a stunning cocktail!

45ml Mad Owl Gin Special Edition
15ml fresh lime juice
15ml Vanilla Syrup
5ml Grenadine
Artisan Bubbly Soda Water, to top

Add the first 4 ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a coupe or martini glass. Top with a splash of soda. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

Get the main ingredients for The Pink Poodle in one fantastic bundle here!

If you love these doggy-inspired cocktail recipes then you need to check out our Paw-fect G&Ts! Each recipe is inspired by a distillery dog from across the UK and you can find them at this link or by clicking on the image below:

Paw-fect G&T Bundles

Find even more fabulous Mother's Day treats right here!