A Damson Gin Royale is a sweet, sparkling cocktail fit for, well, royalty!

Autumn heralds abundant harvests of fruits and berries which, here at Craft Gin Club, means ample opportunities for getting creative with our favourite spirit: whether we’re whipping up a batch of fruity sloe gin cocktails, making our own festive gin liqueur, or simply experimenting with garnish combinations for our evening gin and tonic, the new season’s bounty keeps us very busy!

Here, we’re taking one of our favourite gin infusions - damson gin - and giving it a royal makeover. Yes, damson gin (which is technically a liqueur) is beautiful to drink neat, or simply served over ice, but for a special occasion we want something just a little more, well, sparkly! The festive season is almost upon us, after all…


Damson Gin Royale

25ml damson gin
Prosecco, to top up
Edible gold sprinkles (optional)

Half an hour before you want to serve your cocktail, pop your champagne flute into the fridge to chill. To make your cocktail, simply add your damson gin to the chilled glass and top up with prosecco (or Champagne). For a little extra sparkle, add a few edible gold sprinkles! (Be careful with these, though, as these are often made with sugar and so might add too much sweetness if you go overboard!)

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