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Crodino: discover one of the best non-alcoholic tipples for Dry January and beyond!

Crodino: discover one of the best non-alcoholic tipples for Dry January and beyond!

Jan 11, 2022

Allow us to introduce you to the perfect tipple for Dry January, the Italian, non-alcoholic Aperitivo of your dreams: Crodino!

If you love delicious, bittersweet cocktails that are full of Italian elegance like a Campari or Aperol Spritz (and their ginny counterparts - ever tried a Campari Gin & Tonic?), then Cordino is the perfect alcohol-free alternative for you. That’s why we just had to send Crodino to Craft Gin Club’s lucky members in their January 2022 Gin of the Month box!

In this feature, we are going to take you through everything you need to know about this fantastic drink, including our perfect serve recommendation, how it’s made, when to drink it and what it tastes like.

Trust us, Crodino is a must-try, especially if you are going alcohol-free.


What is Crodino?

First produced in 1965, Crodino has been a favourite non-alcoholic Aperitivo (also known as “apéritif” in French) of Italians for over 50 years. It’s a sparkling Aperitivo that is golden yellow and blond in colour with a flavour profile that is citrusy, herbaceous and bitter in all of the right places.

Is there alcohol in Crodino? Crodino is alcohol-free, making it a great non-alcoholic alternative to classic alcoholic Aperitivo tipples like Campari or Aperol and an evening Gin & Tonic

Crodino non-alcoholic aperitif

What does Crodino taste like?

Crodino has a delectably complex, bittersweet taste that boasts distinctive citrus notes.

On the nose, you can find mouthwatering orange and herbal fragrances, which take on those iconic bittersweet tones on the palate. The finish is long, with a herbaceous flourish that is completely moreish. Yum!

Is Crodino like Aperol?

Crodino and Aperol are similar in flavour but not in looks (Aperol is a deep orange). Aperol is also an alcoholic drink whereas Crodino is not.

Both are designed for the Italian Aperitivo moment, which is all about stimulating your appetite (the word “Aperitivo” comes from the Latin verb “aperire”, which mean “to open”), therefore there are many similarities in their flavour profiles - both are citrusy and herbaceous and delightfully bittersweet.

This is why Crodino makes for such a magnificent alcohol-free Aperitivo moment.

What alcohol goes with Crodino?

Crodino is a beautiful drink on its own, so we recommend leaving out the alcohol or other mixers.

However, if you did want a boozy tipple, Crodino would also be delicious with a measure of gin for a quick and very easy aperitivo cocktail.

Crodino serving

How is Crodino made?

Crodino is made by blending high-quality spices, herbs, roots and woods sourced from around the world. The botanicals are extracted, left to infuse for six months and then carbonated.

Time is one of the most fundamental ingredients in creating Crodino. Allowing the blend to mature is key in developing its multi-layered flavour. It is thrilling to see the secret combination of 15 botanicals come together in perfect balance.

— Crodino’s Herbalist & Master Blender Bruno Malavasi

Key ingredients in Crodino include:

Nutmeg: nutmeg adds strong, slightly sweet nut aromas.
Coriander seeds: coriander seeds add floral, peppery notes and give the liquid a woody fragrance.
Cloves: clove buds give Cordino touches of sumptuous spice and a flowery, sweet nose.
Cardamom: with its intensely aromatic spice notes, cardamom has beautiful eucalyptus and camphor undertones that make so Crodino so utterly delicious.

Where is Crodino made? Crodino has been made in Italy since 1965. In 1995 Crodino became part of the Campari Group, which brought this amazing Aperitivo to the rest of the world.

How do you serve Crodino?

If you really want to embrace the culture of Italian Aperitivo then serve your chilled Crodino over ice in a long-stemmed wine glass and simply garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

The perfect way to serve Crodino:

Crodino serving suggestion

175ml Crodino
Slice of fresh orange, to garnish

Simply add your chilled Crodino to a long-stemmed wine glass over plenty of ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange and enjoy.

If you really want the full Aperitivo experience, then we recommend serving Crodino with an assortment of savoury light bites and canapes to nibble as you sip.

When should you serve Crodino?

As Crodino is a Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo and therefore designed to stimulate your appetite, we recommend serving Crodino before dinner.

In Italy, the Aperitivo moment is an important part of the daily ritual, when colleagues, friends and family meet to socialise over food and a delectably bitter tipple. Crodino is perfect for such occasions!

Crodino aperitif serving suggestion