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Stillgarden Social Gin: here's everything you need to know about this incredible Dublin gin!

Stillgarden Social Gin: here's everything you need to know about this incredible Dublin gin!

Sep 12, 2022

Allow us to introduce you to one of the best Dublin gins (and, indeed, Irish gins) around: Stillgarden Social Gin, the star of Craft Gin Club’s September 2022 Gin of the Month box.

In this feature, we are discovering how this fantastic craft gin is made, where it is made, how best to serve it and what other delicious gins Stillgarden Distillery makes. Scroll down to reveal all!

Stillgarden Social Gin

Distilled at the Stillgarden Distillery in Dublin, Ireland

41% ABV

Stillgarden Social Gin
Stillgarden Distillery, Dublin
The Stillgarden Distillery team

How is Stillgarden Social Gin made?

Stillgarden Social Gin is made by the Stillgarden Distillery, which is run by co-founders and husband-and-wife team, Viki Baird and Pat O’Brien.

They use botanicals collected from their on-site community garden to give Stillgarden Social Gin its remarkably fragrant, fresh, herbaceous flavour profile.

Which botanicals are used to make Stillgarden Social Gin? Juniper, lavender, mint, lime peel, black pepper, liquorice, angelica, cubeb, Rowan berry, lemon zest, cardamom, caraway, orris and rosehip.

Once collected, some of the softer, more delicate botanicals like fresh mint and lavender are distilled in a rotovap, which allows the botanicals to be distilled at a much lower temperature, protecting their fresh flavours - traditional stills heat botanicals to around 70C, whereas the rotovap only needs to heat botanicals to around 30C.

They are also the only distillery in Ireland to use a supercritical extraction system, which uses high pressures to extract botanical essences.

The sturdier botanicals like juniper, fruit rinds and spices are then distilled in a traditional still. The distillates are then mixed to give you the magnificent, fresh-yet-deep flavour profile that we love in Stillgarden Social Gin.

Stillgarden gin community garden
Stillgarden’s community garden

Where is Stillgarden Social Gin made?

Just like all Stillgarden gins, Stillgarden Social Gin is distilled at the Stillgarden Distillery in the Dublin 8 area of Dublin, Ireland.

What does Stillgarden Social Gin taste like?

Stillgarden Social Gin has a beautiful balance of fresh flavours. Fragrant garden mint is supported by wonderfully light floral notes and bright citrus throughout the nose and palate, all atop a rich juniper base. The finish is long and wonderfully moreish, with hints of spice and herb.

How do you serve Stillgarden Social Gin?

For the perfect Stillgarden Social Gin and tonic recipe, we recommend mixing Stillgarden Social Gin with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water, garnishing with apple slices. Find the full recipe at this here!

The perfect Stillgarden gin and tonic recipe

And, of course, you must try some Stillgarden cocktails like Craft Gin Club’s Blueberry Crumble, our September 2022 Cocktail of the Month, which mixes Stillgarden Social Gin with Soda Folk Blueberry Muffin Soda and Craft Gin Club’s bespoke Blueberry Crumble cocktail syrup. Discover how to make this gin-credible cocktail at this link!

The perfect Stillgarden cocktail recipe

What other gins does Stillgarden Distillery make?

Distiller’s Edition Gin

Stillgarden Distillery's Edition Gin
Image: Stillgarden.

The first gin distilled by Stillgarden Distillery, this is the head distiller’s signature recipe, made with locally-sourced botanicals. If you are looking for a true Dublin gin, this is it!

What does Stillgarden Distiller’s Edition Gin taste like?

On the nose, delectably earthy juniper and pine are joined by uplifting citrus tones. The palate is rich, with moreish juniper notes, which last long into the slightly smoky finish. Delicious!

How do you serve Stillgarden Distiller’s Edition Gin?

Serve Stillgarden Distiller’s Edition Gin with a premium tonic water and garnish with fresh mint and a lime wedge.

Boss Lady Gin

Stillgarden Boss Lady Gin
Image: Stillgarden.

A craft gin full of vibrant fruit flavours, this stunning edition has been created to celebrate women everywhere. With every purchase of Boss Lady Gin, Stillgarden Distillery donates €2 to Women’s Aid!

What does Stillgarden Boss Lady Gin taste like?

Tropical citrus aromas come through on the nose. On the palate, they are joined by watermelon, mango and peach. The finish has wonderful tones of juniper and spice and sweet fig.

How do you serve Stillgarden Boss Lady Gin?

Serve Stillgarden Boss Lady Gin with a premium tonic and garnish with a slice of fresh peach.

Stillgarden Give & Take lower-alcohol gin

Stillgarden Give & Take lower-alcohol gin
Image: Stillgarden.

At just 22% ABV, Stillgarden Give & Take is a lower-alcohol gin that is packed full of incredible flavour. It’s great for when you want a delicious London Dry experience without that big hit of alcohol. This masterfully created edition is a must-try!

What does Stillgarden Give & Take lower-alcohol gin taste like?

Herb and floral flavours abound on the nose of this remarkable gin. They are then joined by earthy juniper on the palate, along with touches of citrus and ginger, which last long into the elegant finish.

How do you serve Stillgarden Give & Take lower-alcohol gin?

Serve Stillgarden Give & Take with a premium tonic and garnish with a slice of fresh apple. Yum!

Stillgarden Distillery also do two fantastic liqueurs:


Stillgarden Distillery O'Maro
Image: Stillgarden.

This Irish take on an Italian Amaro, an Irish Amaro, if you will, is perfect for enjoying before dinner in what is know as the aperitivo moment in Italy - it’s just as delicious at any other time of the day too. Made with local raspberries, strawberry leaf, rosehip and lemon verbena, there is nothing else quite like this delectable tipple.

What does Stillgarden O’Maro taste like?

Stillgarden O’Maro is packed full of mouth-watering botanical flavours that are fruity, sweet and bitter in perfect harmony. Each sip has tones of rhubarb, raspberry, rosehip, citrus and other berry flavours that are sure to impress.

How do you serve Stillgarden O’Maro?

Stillgarden O’Maro is delicious simply served over ice and is also fantastic in a Negroni with Stillgarden Social Gin and a sweet vermouth - equal parts liqueur, gin and vermouth, all stirred and served over ice in a rocks glass, garnished with fresh orange peel.


Stillgarden Distillery Berrissimo
Image: Stillgarden.

An Irish take on the classic Italian Spritz, Stillgarden Berrissimo is an Irish Spritz Aperitif that’s overflowing with lip-smacking berry and bitter citrus flavours that are ideal for mixing with soda water and sparkling wine on a sunny afternoon. It’s made with locally sourced and foraged Irish rhubarb root, blackberries, gentian, bitter orange, orris, coriander seed, hibiscus and wormwood. Together, they make for a truly special spritz liqueur!

What does Stillgarden Berrissimo taste like?

Herbaceous, spiced and berry-licious, this fantastic liqueur is a medley of balanced sweet and bitter tones that are completely delicious.

How do you serve Stillgarden Berrissimo?

Serve 50ml Berrissimo liqueur with 25ml soda water and 75ml prosecco in a wine glass over lots of ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange and enjoy!

Can you visit Stillgarden Distillery?

You can visit Stillgarden Distillery in Dublin. They offer a range of fantastic experiences for gin lovers, from wildlife walks and gardening sessions in their on-site botanical garden (all ending in a G&T, of course) to cocktail masterclasses and distilling classes.

There is enough to fill a whole weekend with ginny fun!

Visit Stillgarden Distillery

Where can you buy Stillgarden Social Gin?

Stillgarden gins are available to buy on the Craft Gin Club online shop here!

Stillgarden Social Gin is also available to buy as part of Craft Gin Club’s September 2022 Gin of the Month box. Along with a curated collection of mixers and snacks paired with Stillgarden Social Gin, all worth over £65.

Only members can get their hands on September’s Gin of the Month box, but sign up today and guarantee yourself a fabulous year of ginny discovery and delight!

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