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Condesa Gin: Here's everything you need to know!

Condesa Gin: Here's everything you need to know!

Oct 7, 2023

Discover everything you need to know about Condesa Gin and their Condesa Gin Sahumerio edition, which has been distilled exclusively for Craft Gin Club’s October 2023 Gin of the Month box!

In this feature, we are finding out the perfect Condesa Gin recipe, where Condesa Gin is made and the inspiration behind Condesa Gin Sahumerio - along with so much more! Check it out…

Condesa Gin Sahumerio

An exclusive Craft Gin Club launch from Mexico

40% ABV

Condesa Gin Review

How is Condesa Gin Sahumerio made?

Condesa Gin Sahumerio is made by the Condesa Gin distillery, which was founded by friends Hillhamn Salome, Jordi Nieto Riera and Ben Brooksby.

The gin is inspired by a Mexican celebration called the Day of the Dead. This traditional celebration takes place on November 1st and 2nd and it is a way to remember friends and family now passed on.

Condesa Gin owner

To make the gin, they use a premium grain alcohol made using Mexican rye, wheat, corn and barley, which they distil until it is ultra-smooth and almost flavourless - the perfect canvas for their botanicals.

The first two botanicals that Head Distiller Hillhamn Salome chose were copal bark and Aztec marigold flowers.

Resin from copal bark is used in a type of incense known as sahumerio, which is often burned at traditional rituals and shrines throughout the Day of the Dead celebrations. Orange and yellow Aztec marigold flowers are traditionally placed on alters during the celebrations too.

Hillhamn then chose other botanicals like bitter orange peel, a staple of Yucatán cuisine, to balance out those smokey, perfume and floral flavours.

A list of Condesa Gin Sahumerio botanicals can be found here: Juniper, sustainably harvested Mexican copal bark, Aztec marigold flower, bitter orange peel, wormwood, black pepper, sandalwood, allspice and coriander seeds.

Those botanicals are all distilled with the base spirit in Condesa Gin’s 400L pot stills, handmade by artisans in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

Condesa Gin UK

Where is Condesa Gin Sahumerio made?

Condesa Gin Sahumerio, along with the rest of the Condesa Gin range, is distilled in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

What does Condesa mean?

Condesa translates to “countess” in English. It is the name of a neighbourhood in Mexico City famed for its energy and cosmopolitan flair.

It’s a thriving symbol of modern Mexico, full of world-class restaurants, bars, art galleries, parks and coffee shops. To Mexico City, it’s what Brooklyn is to New York or what Le Marais is to Paris. And just as Condesa as a neighbourhood represents a fresh and vibrant face of Mexico City, Condesa Gin seeks to present a new expression of Mexican spirits to the world.

— Jordi Nieto Riera, Condesa Gin co-founder

What does Condesa Gin Sahumerio taste like?

Condesa Gin Sahumerio has an inviting mix of juniper and spice on the nose. On the palate, pepperiness comes through and is joined by a luscious smokiness and hints of floral and citrus flavours. The finish is long and delectably moreish.

How do you serve Condesa Gin Sahumerio?

We recommend serving Condesa Gin Sahumerio with Britvic Indian Tonic Water and a slice of orange for an utterly delicious gin and tonic. You can find the perfect Condesa Gin and tonic recipe here!

The perfect Condesa Gin recipe

Condesa Gin Sahumerio is also fantastic in cocktail recipes like Craft Gin Club’s Margarita. This zesty cocktail recipe combines Condesa Gin Sahumerio with Karma Orangeade and Craft Gin Club’s bespoke Margarita Cocktail Syrup to give you a marvellous gin twist on the classic Margarita. Get the full recipe here!

Condesa Gin cocktails

What other gins does the Condesa Gin distillery make?

The Condesa Gin distillery has two more fabulous craft gins in their range, each one is as delicious as the next. They are…

Condesa Gin Clásica

Condesa Gin’s signature edition, Condesa Gin Clásica is a celebration of Mexico’s flora and their use in traditional healing ceremonies. Made with the likes of fragrant palo santo, jasmine, sage, myrrh, lavender and rosemary, it is a wonderfully herbaceous and floral London dry that is not to be missed.

Condesa Gin Clasicá

Condesa Gin Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom

Condesa’s pink gin, this beautiful and completely unique expression is infused with prickly pear and orange blossom, along with raspberries, coriander seeds and lime. It’s clean and bright and fragrant in all of the right places.

Condesa Gin prickly pear

Where can you buy Condesa Gin?

The Condesa Gin range is available to buy in the UK on the Craft Gin Club online shop here.

Condesa Gin Sahumerio is also available to buy as part of the Craft Gin Club October 2023 Gin of the Month box here.

Condesa Gin where to buy