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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Take a peek inside Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Gin of the Month box!

Take a peek inside Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Gin of the Month box!

Oct 5, 2023

Craft Gin Club’s October 2023 Gin of the Month box is here and this month we have a stunning Day of the Dead-inspired craft gin from Mexico for you to discover along with a fabulous array of mixers and treats to enjoy with it.

We can’t wait for you to see inside the box, but if you just can’t wait or you aren’t yet a Craft Gin Club member you can scroll down to reveal all right here…

That’s right! This month’s gin is from the beautiful country of Mexico! And we are sending you all of the ingredients you need to make our ginny twist on one of our favourite Mexican cocktails plus everything you need to make our monthly Perfect G&T too.

Trust us, you do not want to miss these stunning serves!

But that’s not all - this box also includes a miniature gin taster for you to sip and a special CBD-infused kombucha for you to try.

With the amazing snacks in this box all included, the whole thing is worth over £69! Members get it for just £45 so what are you waiting for? Join the club today!

Craft Gin Club’s October 2023 Gin of the Month box:

Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Gin of the Month box

This month’s box is bursting with bright, vibrant flavours, inspired by Mexico. Expect traditional snacks such as LOVE CORN and Blanco Niño tortilla chips, marvellous mixers such as Karma Drinks’ Orangeade, made with Mexican oranges, and delicious treats (no tricks!) that are perfect for Halloween. You’re going to love this box!

— Box Curator Duncan Carr

Craft Gin Club’s October 2023 Gin of the Month:
Condesa Gin Sahumerio

Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Gin of the Month, Condesa Gin Sahumerio

Coming to Craft Gin Clubbers all the way from the Condesa Gin distillery in Mexico, Condesa Gin Sahumerio is being launched exclusively with Craft Gin Club. With a beautiful mix of local ingredients, like Aztec marigold flower and Mexican copal bark, which are used in the famed Day of the Dead ceremonies, its peppery, smokey, floral juniper-forward palate is not to be missed. We can’t wait for you to try this truly unique, utterly delicious Mexican craft gin.

Our very first gin from Mexico! Condesa Sahumerio is a reflection of what makes Mexico City great. Using botanicals that are steeped in ritual, Condesa is on the cutting edge of Mexican hospitality and cocktail culture. Condesa Gin Sahumerio offers something truly unique, even to the most adventurous of gin drinkers.

— Graham McAteer, Craft Gin Club’s Gin Expert

Britvic Indian Tonic Water

Britvic Indian Tonic Water

Britvic has been making incredible mixers since 1938, and that amazing experience and heritage comes through in every sip of their delicious Indian tonic water. With a subtle bitterness and a light touch of citrus zest, it is the perfect partner for Condesa Gin Sahumerio in our October 2023 Perfect G&T!

Craft Gin Club’s 2023 Perfect G&T

Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Perfect G&T

Here, we’ve paired the delicate herbaceous and peppery botanicals in your Gin of the Month with Britvic Indian Tonic Water. The orange slices are the perfect garnish to tie the flavours together, making for a well-balanced and refreshing G&T.

— Master Mixologist Dan Tripp

Karma Orangeade

Karma Drinks

Made with only the juiciest organic oranges that grow in the wilds of the San Potosì region of Mexico, this mouthwatering orangeade from Karma Drinks is a celebration of flavour!

What’s more, Karma uses their fizzy drinks to be a force for good. 1% of all the profits they make goes to The Karma Foundation, which supports communities across Sierra Leon where their cola nuts grow. They send 135 girls to school each year, helping 4 pursue their dreams at university and they also fund 42 female adult literacy classes and are actively supporting 8 new female entrepreneurs.

Blanco Niño Smoky Chipotle Tortilla Chips

Blanco Nino Tortilla Chips

Made in Ireland, using all-natural, GMO-free ingredients and no preservatives, Blanco Niño tortilla chips are made without rush, using the traditional Aztec method of nixtamalization to give you an authentic taste of Mexico. Crunchy, rich, wonderfully moreish and seasoned to perfection, they are ideal for munching as you enjoy a gin cocktail or two.

Hip Pop Passionfruit & Guava CBD Kombucha

Hip Pop

Hip Pop is on a mission to make the tastiest gut-healthy drinks in the world with their range of 100% natural, gluten-free, sweetener-free, low-calorie and vegan-friendly kombucha and sodas. Made using authentic brewing techniques and infused with a touch of calming CBD, their sparkling Passionfruit & Guava CBD-infused Kombucha is simply divine - especially when mixed with craft gin!

Tony’s Chocolonely Littl’ Bits - Milk Caramel Sea Salt & Biscuit Mix

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is the chocolate brand on a mission to end modern slavery by working closely with cocoa farmers to make sure the business is fair to them, setting an example to other chocolate brands - their mission is to make all chocolate slave free, not just their own! The heavenly bites of chocolate-covered biscuits with touches of salted caramel are utterly scrumptious and we love nibbling them as we sip on a gin cocktail or two - especially our October 2023 Cocktail of the Month!

LoneWolf Original Juniper Gin

LoneWolf Gin

That’s right, you get not one but two craft gins in this month’s box! This miniature bottle from LoneWolf Gin is filled with their stunning Original Juniper Gin, which is made with their very own vodka as a base and only the finest juniper from Tuscany. It’s a fantastic gin for use in simple G&Ts and classic gin cocktails. It’s a must-try!

LOVE CORN Sea Salt - Deliciously Crunchy Corn


As bar snacks go, few are tastier than LOVE CORN Sea Salt. Rich and delectably moreish, with that fabulous crunch and those balanced touches of salt, we can not get enough. It helps that they are made with natural ingredients and are high in fibre, of course. And did we mention they contain 50% less fat than your average crisp? We are in LOVE!

Craft Gin Club’s October 2023 Cocktail Syrup and Garnishes:

Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Cocktail Syrup and Garnishes

In every Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month box, we send members everything they need to create two amazing gin drinks, our Cocktail of the Month and our monthly Perfect G&T. Created by our in-house mixologist, they are not to be missed!

For October Perfect G&T, we have included orange slices to garnish your Condesa Gin Sahumerio and Britvic Indian Tonic Water. They add sumptuous, warm orange tones that complement the spice of the gin and the bitterness of the tonic delightfully.

For October’s Cocktail of the Month, Craft Gin Club’s Margarita - a fun gin-based twist on the classic! - our experts have created a beautiful Margarita Cocktail Syrup. Bright and citrusy, it takes this mix of Condesa Gin Sahumerio and Karma Orangeade to the next level.

Our October 2023 Cocktail of the Month:
Craft Gin Club’s Margarita

Craft Gin Club's October 2023 Cocktail of the Month, Margarita

Inspired by the magnificent Condesa Gin Sahumerio and its home in Mexico, we have adapted one of our favourite Mexican cocktail recipes.

Made by mixing the rich, spice and herb flavours of Condesa Gin Sahumerio with the authentic Mexican orange flavours of Karma Orangeade and Craft Gin Club’s bespoke Margarita Cocktail Syrup, all finished with a touch of fresh lime, it is a zesty and remarkably complex cocktail that is sure to impress any cocktail fan.

Craft Gin Club’s October 2023 Edition of GINNED! Magazine

October 2023 edition of GINNED! Magzine

Your guide to all things gin in October, this glossy 66-page magazine is packed full of great recipes, games and how-tos to see you through the month.