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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Get to know Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum!

Get to know Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum!

Apr 6, 2024

Dive into Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum with Craft Gin Club! This magnificent craft spiced rum from the Warner's Distillery is Craft Gin Club April 2024 Rum of the Month and it is sure to be a hit with any true rum fan.

In this feature, we are taking you through how this wonderful spirit is made, how to serve Warner's rum and where you can get a bottle for yourself.

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum!

Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum

Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum

Created in Northamptonshire, England

40% ABV

How is Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum made?

Warner's Distillery
The team at Warner's Distillery

Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum is made by Warner's Distillery in Northamptonshire, using local botanical ingredients chosen not only for their incredible flavour but also because Warner's Distillery is on a mission to keep sustainability and nature at the core of everything they do.

The first botanical chosen for this special rum was dandelion root, which is sourced from around Warner's Distillery at Falls Farm. Warner's team roast the dandelion root to bring out its unique chocolate, black pepper, coffee and popcorn tones.

To balance out the rich spice of the roasted dandelion root, and to add a touch of brightness to the rum, Warner's also uses citrus peels from a fruit juice factory that would otherwise throw them away.

We focused on weeds and food waste for the flavours of this rum because we’d just started using fresh citrus peels from a local juicing factory for our other spirits.

Tom Warner, Warner's Distillery Co-Founder

Dandelion root, an ingredient in Warner's Spiced Botanical Gin

To provide some much-needed riches, depth and body to the rum, the Warner's team then sourced brown bananas from a local produce company that was unable to sell them.

In the bananas, they found the final piece of the puzzle in creating the delicious flavour profile of Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum while reducing waste in the process.

We did a tasting and I was like – brown banana! Brown banana provides this lovely creamy, tropical flavour, but with a perfect balance of that fresh orange peel which stops it from becoming too overtly banana.

Tom Warner

To make the finished rum, the roasted dandelion root, coffee from a local coffee roaster, banana, allspice, chamomile, nutmeg, pink pepper, black cardamom and sarsaparilla are all distilled with a neutral base made from Dominican white rum.

The resulting liquid is combined with Jamaican golden rum and soaked with even more sarsaparilla and fresh orange peel before being bottled and sent out to rum fans.

This rum is 100% natural which is a real rarity in the spiced rum game. I think particularly the dandelion root and sarsparilla marry up so well with coke or ginger ale, but it’s delicious as a sipping rum as well and it makes a killer Old Fashioned!

Tom Warner

Falls Farm, where Warner's rum is made
Falls Farm, the home of Warner's Distillery

What does Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum taste like?

Notes of fresh orange, zesty grapefruit and sumptuous sponge pudding lead on the nose and then give way to nutty roasted dandelion with hints of warming pink pepper and cinnamon on the palate. The finish is earthy, with a whisper of vanilla and banana.

How do you serve Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum?

For a simple, quick rum drink, our experts recommend serving Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum with Ginger Beer By Supermalt and garnishing with slices of lime.

We tried this serve and loved the mix of deep, rich dandelion spiced rum flavours and bright, vibrant ginger and lemongrass from the Supermalt mixer. The lime slices then add a fragrance that lifts the whole experience.

Learn how to make this serve at this link!

The perfect way to serve Warner's rum

Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum is also a brilliant addition to cocktails like Craft Gin Club's Skylark.

This rum cocktail recipe has been developed by Craft Gin Club's Master Mixologist, especially for Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum. It pairs the spirit with Dalston's Pineapple Soda and our very own Skylark Cocktail Syrup to give you a tropical cocktail that's bubbly, sweet, bitter and fruity in perfect measure.

You can find the full cocktail recipe here!

A delicious Warner's rum cocktail recipe

Where can I buy Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum?

Warner's Spiced Botanical Rum is available to buy on the Warner's Distillery website here and on the Craft Gin Club online shop at this link.

You can also get this fantastic rum as part of Craft Gin Club's April 2024 Rum of the Month. Find out more about this incredible rum subscription box here!

Warner's rum stockist