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8 Christmas garnish ideas for your festive G&Ts!

8 Christmas garnish ideas for your festive G&Ts!

Nov 28, 2019

When you think of the aromas of Christmas, what comes to mind? Orange? Pine? Cinnamon? Even the sweet mint of the candy cane! Well now imagine adding these seasonal scents to your favourite gin!

We love experimenting with different garnishes here at Craft Gin Club , from herbs to flowers, citrus fruits to spices, we have tried them all! We like to keep our notes seasonal, so here are our top Christmas garnishes for you to try this evening!


Pomegranate and Rosemary

What could look more festive than these ruby-red jewel-like pomegranate seeds bobbing happily in your G&T like little Christmas baubles?!

The tart bursts of flavour go beautifully with gin; add a few slices of orange, a splash of pomegranate syrup or juice and a little sprig of rosemary for an even more aromatic festive gin and tonic.


2. Dried Cranberries, Redcurrants & Orange

The taste of Christmas in a glass! Of course, you could use fresh cranberries and orange slices in your gin and tonic, but something about the dried garnishes gives your drink a delicious intensity of flavour that slowly infuses your tipple!

Goes especially well with a Christmas-spiced gin. See the full recipe >>


3. Orange Peel & Cinnamon Stick

If you don’t have any dried orange garnish, try using the peel (removing the bitter pith) along with an aromatic stick of cinnamon in your gin and tonic for a festive twist on your usual G&T that’s full of Christmas flavour!

Goes brilliantly with a gorgeous orange tonic water, as in this recipe, or swop out your tonic for ginger beer for extra warmth!


4. Apple, Cinnamon & Star Anise

Cinnamon’s most popular bedfellow is, of course, apple - and it’s a combination that works wonderfully in your gin and tonic! For an even more flavoursome sip, swop out your tonic for apple juice or try one of these simple apple and gin cocktails.


5. Clementine and Thyme

If you find a clementine in your stocking from Santa, put it to good use! Clementine segments will enhance the flavour of any gin, especially those with citrus notes - try pricking them before you add them to your drink so the juice infuses!

Of course, if you’re making your own homemade clementine gin this winter, some fresh clementine slices will provide the perfect garnish to show off your lovely libations!

Herbs and spices like bay leaf, ginger and cinnamon all work well alongside clementine, but one of our favourites is the addition of thyme, for a touch of summer in your winter tipple.

Rosemary & Redcurrant Wreath

6. Rosemary & Redcurrant Wreath

Not only does the herbaceous scent of rosemary pair perfectly with sweet and tart little redcurrants, but they also make a wonderful festive G&T garnish!

To make this adorable Christmas drink topper, just use a knife to make a thin vertical slit in the top of the stem of a sturdy sprig of rosemary, then curl the bottom around and thread it through the hole (just like making a daisy chain!) Nestle some redcurrants into your wreath for a fantastically festive pop of red and green, and place it atop your gin and tonic.


7. Dried Juniper Berries

Dried juniper berries are, of course, an excellent gin garnish at any time of year, but there is something about the clean, sharp citrus kick they add to your gin that makes them particularly welcome in the colder months!

Try with a twist of lemon peel or some dried apple slices (as we did in our September 2019 Perfect Serve) to bring out those lovely juniper notes in your gin.


8. Cranberry, Lime & Rosemary

Fresh cranberries and lime are a flavour pairing you probably already know from your Cosmopolitan cocktails, but have you tried them as a garnish for your winter gin? Add a sprig of rosemary or a few mint leaves for extra layers of flavour.

Of course, cranberry juice also makes an excellent alternative to tonic water, if you fancy something different; it needs a touch of sweetness though - see the full recipe here.