Cheesecake + gin = Easter sorted!

The Clover Club is a classic gin cocktail, invented in Philadelphia the days before Prohibition and named after a men's club of the same name.

As its name suggests, our March Gin of the Month, the limited edition Shortcross Wild Clover Gin, works perfectly mixed in this recipe. In fact, it works so well we've not only got a cocktail recipe for you, but also a recipe for a cheesecake version! What more could you possibly want for Easter weekend? Cheers!

Wild Clover Club

Our Member's exclusive limited-edition Shortcross Wild Clover Gin lends itself perfectly to this classic recipe from Alex Boyle of Molly’s Yard, Belfast

wild clover club shortcross gin cocktail


60ml Shortcross Wild Clover Gin
30ml lemon juice
Egg White
7.5ml Raspberry Liqueur


Shake well and strain into a Champagne Coupe.

Wild Clover Club Cheesecake

Created by Nicola Spiers, Shortcross Gin’s Brand Ambassador.

wild clover club shortcross gin cheesecake martini

Create the separate layers using the recipes below, then assemble as per instructions.

For the raspberry liqueur

1 punnet fresh raspberries

1 cup sugar

1 cup warm water

30ml Shortcross Gin


Combine all ingredients except the gin in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Stir well and ensure sugar is dissolved (raspberries will begin to soften and split into the mixture). Let the mixture cool and strain to remove any large lumps (seeds provide a nice consistency however remove if desired).  Add the gin and mix again. Place in freezer until ready to assemble

(This syrup will last approx 2-3 weeks in the fridge and can be frozen to preserve longer.)

For the lemon cream cheese layer

50g cream cheese

20g icing sugar (more if a sweeter taste is required)

Lemon zest to taste

Combine ingredients and place in freezer for 20mins while making the rest of the layers (this will ensure it’s not too soft for spreading)

For the pink raspberry cream cheese layer

150g cream cheese

Half of the raspberry liqueur

Combine and place in freezer until ready to assemble

biscuit layer

For the biscuit layer

4-5 lemon shortbread biscuits (or digestives with lemon zest added)

100g butter

Bash biscuits and melt butter in a saucepan, combine, leave to cool and place in the fridge until ready to use.


Layer ingredients into a Martini glass in the following order: Raspberry liqueur mixture on bottom layer; Raspberry cream cheese; Biscuit layer (reserve a little to garnish); Lemon cream cheese layer

Garnish with fresh raspberries, a sprinkle of biscuit base and a lemon zest twirl.

Freeze for 10 mins before serving to ensure all layers set well. Enjoy!

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