March Gin of the Month: Shortcross Gin - Wild Clover Special Edition

shortcross gin

When the husband and wife team behind Shortcross Gin pitched us a special edition gin for club members that boosts the flavour of their signature botanical - clover - we couldn’t help but thinking of the famous four leaf genetic variation of the plant, particularly the thing that each leaf represents.

The first leaf symbolises faith. When working with distillers to create a bespoke gin, we must have complete faith in their distilling prowess and we’re very happy to say that our faith in the Shortcross team was spot on!

The second leaf denotes hope, an emotion that washes over us each time we send your Gin of the Month parcels, the hope that you will truly enjoy your new craft gin and complementary items.

shortcross gin clover botanical

The third leaf stands for love. And love is what our Club Members are drinking this month, the love that Fiona and David have put into creating their acclaimed gins.

The fourth is for luck. Perhaps more than anything in our job, we’re lucky to have such wonderful Club Members and to be able to share with them the amazing gins of our distiller partners.

We’re proud to offer this special expression of Shortcross Gin this March, a Wild Clover gin that undoubtedly carries a number of four-leaf clovers. We’ve told you what each leaf means for us. Now it’s your turn. Take a sip, let your imagination run as wild as the clover inside, and see what faith, hope, love and luck mean for you. Sláinte!

Shortcross Wild Clover Gin

A one-off batch created exclusively for Craft Gin Club Members.

shortcross gin

Distilled on the Rademon Estate in County Down, Northern Ireland

Contemporary Gin, 46% ABV


Juniper, Coriander, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Elderberries, Elderflower, Apples, Cinnamon, Cassia, Wild Clover (plus a few secrets)

Tasting Notes

A classical gin style with a unique twist, best described as floral meadow, wild berries & grassy notes. It is a smooth gin with an exceptionally long finish. This special batch emphasises the Wild Clover element, while perfectly retaining the balance of this very special gin.