This light and refreshing cocktail will put a 'spring' in your step

This light summer drink is very quaffable! It has a pleasing complexity and is well-balanced between dry and sweet flavours.

Bramley Fizz.jpg

Bramley Fizz

25ml One Sage & Apple Gin
50ml Bramley apple sauce (Coleman's works well)
2.5ml honey
20ml mango-infused Lillet Blanc (simply add some dried mango to the bottle, leave for 24 hours, then strain)
2.5ml lemon juice
5ml elderflower cordial
80ml chilled sparkling wine
1 star anise, plus extra to garnish

Chill a flute and the wine.Add a star anise to the bottom of a Boston mixing glass. Crack with a muddler or wooden spoon. Add all remaining ingredients except the fizz, and the ice, and stir for about 20 seconds.Using a tea strainer or sieve, double strain the mixture into the bottom of the chilled flute and top with cold sparkling wine.Garnish with a star anise and serve.

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