Here's why Craft Gin Club is the best club for lovers of gin and tonic!

G&T fans, do you love trying new, and rare, gin? Are you the first person down the shops when a different tonic water gets launched? Do you excitedly hunt for ideas on delicious new ways to garnish your beloved gin and tonic? Well, look no further! May we humbly (but confidently) suggest three simple reasons why Craft Gin Club is the best club for G&T lovers like you? Come and join us on our gin-loving adventure!

  1. The Perfect G&T, Every Month!

Each month, our lovely members receive a treat-filled Gin of the Month box on their doorstep containing everything they need for a delicious G&T!

What’s inside the box? Well, a full-size, 70cl bottle of rare or exclusive craft gin (that’s impossible or hard to buy anywhere else) along with some beautiful paired tonics and alternative mixers, garnishes and some carefully chosen snacks to complement it all.

Every element in the box has been chosen to work together, so you don’t need to go to the effort of researching what tonic to buy or put with your gin, or vice versa.

What’s more, the Gin of the Month box also contains a fabulous glossy magazine filled with the exact recipe for the perfect gin and tonic, dozens of other cocktail recipes, plus competitions, feature articles about the gin and more.


2. You’ll never drink a boring G&T again!

Craft Gin Club is all about making your gin-drinking experience at home as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

Our monthly magazine, GINNED!, our online blog and our weekly members’ email newsletter are all jam-packed full of fabulous cocktail recipes as well as tips and advice on how to make the best drinks at home.

So whether you’re interested in suggestions for new gin and tonic combinations, unusual gin garnish ideas, or simply how to make a really perfect G&T, you’ll never need to drink a boring gin and tonic ever again!

What’s more, all members get instant access to our private Members’ Store online, where you can buy any of the exclusive gins, tonics, mixers and garnishes that we feature in our Gin of the Month box, meaning you can discover new and different gins and tonics whenever you like!

Oh, and you’ll also get the chance to enter regular exclusive Member competitions where you can win anything from a year’s worth of gin and tonic to a set of beautiful gin glasses, among other things!


3. Make new gin-loving friends!

Join the Craft Gin Club and you’ll be joining a real community of gin lovers across the UK.

We absolutely love our Craft Gin Clubbers - endlessly inventive in their gin cocktail creations, full of ideas for how to showcase their beloved gin, and welcoming to all gin drinkers, regardless of personal tastes or backgrounds, they are always up for a gin-related debate, to share their ideas, experiences, tips and advice with us and each other on our fabulous Facebook Group page, Craft Gin Clubbers.

Want to know who’s tried a new gin on the market? Ask the group! Need inspiration for a gin and tonic cake recipe? Ask the group! Fancy upcycling your empty gin bottles into something pretty for your living room? Our Craft Gin Clubbers will be on hand!

In other words, you won’t just be joining a subscription service - you’ll be joining one big, fun, G&T Club!